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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Special Request for Friday

On Friday, (day after tomorrow, April 12th), starting at 10PM, there will be a "HARNESS" party at Numbers.  I am supposed to be the host.

I don't want that.

Instead, I want ALL OF US to be the hosts, this time around. I want this event to be the friendliest, warmest and most welcoming of any event in San Diego's history.

The evening's policy will be


So, if you're there, and you see some guy standing off by himself, looking uncertain and insecure about whether he fits in, please help us ALL by going up to him and introducing him around.  You'll be doing a wonderful, virtuous deed. Brotherhood works best when EVERYBODY gets some.

Let's ALL have a stake in the evening's fun and success. Let's have a swarm of hugs, new friendships and Communal Joy!


By the way - You do NOT HAVE TO WEAR A HARNESS. That's the name, not the dress-code. However, if you'd like to play full-out, go shirtless. We're all sick and tired of body dysmorphism. It's epidemic in our culture. So, let's all leave the body-shame OUTSIDE, and just be okay with ourselves, all together as a bunch of nice, accepting guys.

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who made this request a reality. All attendees agreed that this was the best, friendliest and most FUN event they could imagine. My review covered it pretty well.

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