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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review of the HARNESS Party, April 2013

I don't have a lot of pictures of the HARNESS Party, because folks do insist on using the smoke machine.  The fog causes the photos to get all washed out.  So, I will mostly paint a picture with words:

Personally, I had a rocking good time. I visited with friends, got out the flogger and probably flogged at least ten men, and danced periodically. Speaking entirely for myself, it was a VERY satisfying night.

Now, I'm going to summarize the opinions of the thirty or so men that I have heard from in the last five days:

At least a dozen of them came up to me during the course of the evening, saying something like "This is my first FMSD event!"  at that point, I would always ask "Was it what I promised?", and they would immediately tell me "Hell, yes!", with a great big grin, following it with "I'm bringing my friends next time!"

As I have said before, these aren't models posing with borrowed gear, trying to look fierce and kinky. These guys are true, heavy players, and their endorsement of this event adds credibility, and makes HARNESS truly Tribal. Once a man is suspended, the crowd can grope, tickle and otherwise torment the helpless male flesh before them.  Yeeee-haww.
The rest of the reviews came afterward, almost all within the first 24 hours.  I got texts, emails, voice calls and Facebook messages, all saying the same thing - Folks were delighted, satisfied, endorphinated,  and ready for MORE.  

I have spoken with Ned, the producer, and he tells me that the attendance is on a continuous rise. Every HARNESS party is bigger than the one before. It's not from advertising - It's from friends bringing friends, who bring their friends next time.

I need to talk about attractiveness.

When everybody is so damned HAPPY, and GRINNING, it's awesome to see how ATTRACTIVE every one of us are.  I'm an old, fat, gray-bearded man, and I had beautiful men of every kind metaphorically dropping their handkerchiefs and soap in front of me. I couldn't get two feet without a thrillingly authentic hug. The newest guys may not have figured out how to fit in yet (they will, they will), but I could see them doing their darnedest to figure it out ASAP.

When they could see a wildly-diverse crowd of deliriously happy men in every direction, then it was clear that we weren't following any script that they had witnessed in the past. It wasn't about "I'm Hot and You're Not", like too many parties of the past. It's about being comfortable inside your own skin, and everybody wanting to help each other STAY that way.

This fun, sexy boy wanted me to flog him. Based on his behavior, I could tell that he likes lots of man-handling. So, after flogging him, I said "Remain in place." I walked over to a crowd of big, strong, manly Tops and said "I need your help."  I explained that the boy needed maximum stimulation from strong, groping hands. "He is now Public Property - help yourself." He was still thanking me via text messages at 2AM, after I went home. I know what boys like.
Bottom Line

The go-go dancers (as always) are sexy, the crowd is congenial, Anthony is cranking-out the custom-made, inexpensive hardware, Spike is boot blacking, the bartenders are serving up the beverages, the staff is making sure that everything happens as it should, and the DJ spun up a FINE selection of tunes.

I was supposed to be the Host, but honestly, it's a party that flows just fine, because everybody does their part. Thanks to everyone who honored my request - HARNESS turned out EXACTLY the way that I had hoped. Folks showed up expecting something in particular, and together, we all made it happen, exactly as promised!

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