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Monday, December 2, 2013

Review of Hot Wax Hands-On Demo Night, Friday, Dec. 29, 2013

Photos by our own Event Documentarian, Scott Smith.

From Magnum:

"BIG things do come in small packages"!

After a Thanksgiving day of feasting, fellowship and connecting with friends & family, the members of FMSD came out to rejoice & release all that holiday stress.

There were 35 men in attendance for the much anticipated "Hot Wax Demo Night" where Magnum & Papa Tony shared the Masters of Ceremonies for the evening.

slave keith was generous to provide his home and hospitality for this event.

Moving into a different and smaller location for this demo night proved to be just what the erotic, fetish gods had ordered.

SPLASH! Nothing more refreshing after a severe flogging than some ice water!

Men of all shapes, sizes and textures were eager to play and participate.

As the night got underway, Dungeon Master Magnum covered the ground rules, safety protocols and our creed of inclusion and openness to members, first-timers and guest.

Magnum, Ibi Pupp and Magnum's partner.

DM Magnum demonstrated a different spin on flogging & spanking using a "3 man triad style".

This demo allowed more men to jump in, participate and explore the different techniques of flogging & spanking.

Adjacent to the flogging demo, Papa Tony began the candle wax demo and encouraged men to participate.

pup Nikita using his own candles to show us all how it is done right!

pup Nikita (one of our younger members) kicked up the energy with a demonstration of wax play that was sexy, engaging and hot!

pup Nikita shared his knowledge and skills with confidence and swagger.

Pepe, showing off his excellent handiwork upon Ramon.

Throughout the evening, the tight, small space created an atmosphere that was dripping with high sexuality, sensuality and a warm level of intimacy.

The larger candles (from IKEA) proved to be much, much 
better for massively coating a submissive. The wax had an eerie 
"lizard skin" texture when it had hardened enough to come off.

The energy was contagious as men started touching, stroking each other and were feeling comfortable enough to come out of some or all their clothes.

As the night came to a successful close, men had looks of satisfaction, pleasure and big smiles of joy!

You could see men asking and making plans for the next FMSD Demo Night. Stay tuned...there's more to cum!

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