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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Upcoming Events


From Papa Tony:

Despite the overall slowdown in events due to holiday schedule conflicts, there is a lot to look forward to:

Wednesday is the Shamanism/Leather Connection workshop, Friday is the HARNESS Party. Next week, the men of North County finally have their own, first event, and the inter-club mixer and discussion will be on Wednesday.

After the first of the year, things are going to EXPLODE.  We will have a beautiful and copious array of events from multiple new and existing groups that are planning to start everything with a bang for the new year.  Behind the scenes, there are plans in the works that ALL have to do with building better community, including more play, and celebrating what has turned out to be the best time in our community’s history!

Clearly, San Diego is the place to live in 2014.


From Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Robb Rodd:

Just a friendly Reminder That this Month and Next I'm Hosting a Food Drive at The Eagle, so Please if you have any canned food items you like to donate, dry pasta, etc. There is a Drop Off Barrel at The Eagle. Your donations will help SPECIAL DELIVERY, and its clients... Thank You in Advance, and Happy Holidays to You All...


From American Leatherman 2013 Aaron Duke:

"My life is enriched by the connections I make with people on a deeper level. It is rare that I find a book that looks into my soul and knows who and what I am…”

Free, Online Leather/Kink Book Recommendation



From Michael McQuiggan:

I am working on a screener of FOLSOM FOREVER  and this will more than likely play at the FilmOut festival at the Birch North Park Theater in May - more news to come! Thank you all for your continued support!

"For those just interested in the hot stuff, FOLSOM FOREVER provides plenty of full frontal nudity and a tantalizing array of kink. But learning about its history and contributions to the community will make you feel even better about getting off."


From Eric Swenson:

Eric's Story:

"May the memory of all our friends and fellow leaders lost over the years never fade...  During those years, I made a list of names of friends among us who "fell" during our "battles."  Many of them often alone, embarrassed, in pain, and outcast.  Winning the fight against AIDS and for human diginity didn't happen overnight and never easily.  I review my list at times to keep my focus on what we have at hand and are still working for, and to recognize THEIR accomplishments.  All of these men, pioneers in their own ways, contributed to make OUR community what it is today…"


The purpose of this listing is to provide a one-stop, unbiased and reasonably complete listing of events that would attract gay FetishMen in and around the San Diego area.  It is meant to be spread as widely as possible, so that folks inside and outside Facebook have free access.

Please follow the standard reference for events listings:

If you post your event, it will be sent out via email each week, after being edited for appropriateness and completeness.

======= UPCOMING EVENTS=======

Wednesday, December 11, 7PM FMSD Discussion Group (HOST: Michael Perry)

Meditation, Shamanism, and The Connection to Leather/Kink/Fetish/BDSM
To start the evening we will be presented with a very effective ‘being present’ group meditation lead by my friend Richard. This may seem unusual for our wednesday night meetings but there is a method to the madness that will be explained during the introduction. After the break we will continue with a brief talk on the Shamanism/Leather connection to be followed by a group discussion about kink, BDSM, and altered states of consciousness and what it may or may not mean. Specifically how do we express and explain the states we acquire in our practices and how it enhances our life journey.


Fri, December 13, 10PM:  Harness @ Numbers San Diego
3811 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103

On the 2nd Friday of every month, CUB CLUB SD and Numb3rs Nightclub present HARNESS, a monthly Leather/Gear event.  It's simple; wear what you want. However, we encourage strapping on your HARNESS. GET IN EARLY to entertain your friends & imbibe......You never know what will happen in the dark.



Wednesday, December 18, 7PM FMSD Discussion Group (HOST: Michael Perry)

Meet Other Local Affinity Groups in San Diego.

Members and leaders of wide variety of the Fetish and Kink Groups here in San Diego will be giving an overview of the group they represent. This will be an opportunity to get to know the breadth an variety of groups, what they do, and how they do it. What I would like to see come out of this meeting is a good understanding of what is available in San Diego and also to give us as a group to pick a group or charity that we would create an event (remember event planning 101) to raise funds and provide our service to. We are really good at it.


Saturday, December 21, 6:30 - 9:30PM

What : The night (Saturday night) before Christmas eggnog and cookies social.  A cock and balls bondage demo / hands on play with a holiday twist. Ribbons and bows. Tinsel and garling . Lets tie up those packages with Christmas delight.

Who. All FMSD and associated men that want to blow off some holiday stress.  Bring your favorite Yule log (yours or your partner's ) and lets enjoy some Christmas cheer.

Cookies, eggnog, ribbons, bows, tinsel, bondage materials, etc. will be provided. However, if you have a favorite beverage, Christmas goodies, or binding materials and decorations, bring them and share.

Where: a private home in La Costa area.  RSVP to Mr. Mark at:

You will be sent address and directions  Please wear street clothes to and from this event. In the house, you free to wear (or not wear ) your gear.

Thank you
Mr Mark
& sub




Tuesday December 31,  8:00pm until 12:30am:
Daddy Ron's Housewarming/New Years Eve Potluck in Otay Ranch

No plans for New Years? Now you have some! I want you to join me for a Housewarming/New Years Eve Potluck at my home in Otay Ranch. I am inviting my close friends as well as members of Bears San Diego, Fetish Men San Diego, and San Diego Fetish Brotherhood.


(Use the first letter of your last name.)
A-K Salad/Appetizer/Side Dish
L-Z Main Course

Soft drinks will be provided for the entire evening. Champagne and sparkling cider will be poured just before midnight to toast the new year.

ADDRESS: 1477 Lavant Lane #2, Chula Vista, CA 91913

PARKING: Parking inside our neighborhood is by permit only. There is limited street parking available on Magdalena Ave. Carpooling is strongly recommended. We can shuttle people from neighboring shopping centers if necessary. (Please contact me to arrange this.)

GIFTS: This is optional... In lieu of gifts, I am asking that you consider a donation to Bears San Diego. This money will be given to the charities that they have chosen. (You can read more about them here... )

-Daddy Ron




Thursday, January 2, 6:30PM: FMSD GEAR INVASION
DiMille's Italian Restaurant & Lounge
3492 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Please join Daddy Ron Brundige & Family for a Gear Invasion of DiMille's:

Cost will be $20 per person and includes:

- Pizza square appetizers
- Salad and bread
- All-You-Can-Eat Italian Food Buffet:
...... Lasagna With Meat Sauce
...... Lasagna With Pesto Sauce
...... Chicken Parmesan
- Mini Canolli and Italian Cookies for dessert
- Soft Drinks (Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade)

***Alcohol is not included, BUT FEAR NOT! There is a bar on site.


If anyone has a monetary concern, please mention this in your RSVP email and we will work with you. We want EVERYONE to be able to celebrate with us.


Good information from past FMSD Gear Invasions:

"This is our opportunity to share with the greater LGBT community what we are like when we are at our best. Therefore, we can break through stereotypes they may have before engaging us. Here is an opportunity for us to break out of our usual hang outs.

We encourage you all to gear up as a visual identifier and symbol of our community. Whatever gear that you choose to express your fetish. Please remember, these are restaurants and places of business. Use good taste and adhere to the San Diego Vice Laws."


Wednesday, January 8, 7PM FMSD Discussion Group (HOST: Daddy Ron Brundige & Family)


Wednesday, January 15, 7PM FMSD Discussion Group (HOST: Daddy Ron Brundige & Family)


January 17-20: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2014


Wednesday, January 22, 7PM FMSD Discussion Group (HOST: Daddy Ron Brundige & Family)


Wednesday, January 29, 7PM FMSD DEMO NIGHT (HOST: Daddy Ron Brundige & Family)
Location:  TBD


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