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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Photos from GladiatorDog Nikita's 21st Birthday at the Eagle

Photos by our stellar photographer, Scott Smith

From Magnum:

Happy Birthday Pup! It was great to share your special moment at the pre-party at Daddy Ron's! Enjoy!

From Daddy Ron LeatherAlpha:

Thanks for making this special for my pup. He is one of a kind and the most special thing in my life. We plan to start making more of the events/runs in LA and PS too

From Papa Tony:

On Saturday night, just before midnight, on March 15, 2014, the men of FetishMenSanDiego gathered outside of the San Diego Eagle to show support for our youngest member.

GladiatorDog Nikita (who will always be "Tommy" in my heart) was about to turn 21, and the men inside the bar knew what was coming up.  Those of us who were outside, socialized as the clock ticked closer to the magical hour.

I asked everyone to gather together for a group photo, and before it was taken, I gave a speech, which sort-of went like this:

When I created FMSD, I did so with the clear intention of creating a mutual support-system like the one that I used to know. Back when I was Tommy's age, I had a big, affectionate and caring extended leather family. Those wonderful men were there for me, when I needed to learn how to be a good man, after a very bad beginning.

When they all died back in the early days of AIDS, I never stopped hungering for that same community spirit.  I didn't know how to do it, in an age when so many of us have grown apart due to the internet's distractions.  Somehow, I kept trying until I found the right team, and all of that work has now come to its fruition.  

When I see these good-hearted men showing such encouragement for our youngest brothers, I feel as happy as I was, when I was the focus of so many "loving uncles".  I can rest now, knowing that the Tribal culture is back, and thriving like the good old days.

When we celebrate life's passages for each other, we create lifelong memories for these younger brothers, that will have rippling effects that spread ever outward and upward.

Sir Nicholas (the owner of the Eagle) buys our Nikita his first drink EVER in his whole life!

Our newest Master, Timothy, administers Nikita's Birthday Flogging.  Some of the observers were alarmed by Tommy's thrashing around like a tuna on a hook. They didn't know what we know - that's just what he always does when he's happy and stimulated!

From Master Timothy:

Looking at the pics I find myself getting a bit of chub...

Leatherboy jon says:
I seem to be enjoying watching my brother/pup getting beat. 
(Could have something to do with the 2 beatings he had given me that weekend.)

From Donald Vella:

Last Night was a Special Passage for Nikita, his Age is finally catching up with his full adult mind. He is definitely wise beyond his years, and should be commended for the truths that he shows us all on a daily basis. I was Very Happy to partake in the fun and offer my Love and Support to a friend that I admire and care for.

From boy richard:

So proud! I was spillin' over with Joy at standin' together with my Dad, 
my big Brother Boy Jon and my little Brother Pup GladiatorDog Nikita, 
and so many of our Friends, to celebrate Pups' 21st B'day !!!

And pig boy was thinking "my brother/pup's back is starting to get as red as my shirt ... hope that this pig doesn't get so excited for brother/pup that i spill his drink i'm holding for him! "

From LeatherBoy Jon (on the left, above):

It was great to help celebrate my brother/pup's rite of passage into full-fledged adulthood. Dad Ron made such a special weekend for him (and us). Thanks so much to all FMSD brothers in attendance. You made it a night our family will not soon forget. Much love to all of you.

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