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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Photos, Audio & Video From Master Naming, Whip Presentation Ceremony & "Discrimination" Discussion

Photos by our own Scott Smith, photo documentarian extraordinaire!

From Papa Tony:

On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, we had a special Presentation Ceremony in honor of two of our finest men. I presented Mister Timothy with his Master's Cap, and named him Master Timothy.  

In honor of the work that Magnum has done, and how much he has learned so far, I presented him with "Amanda", my blacksnake single tail whip.

Afterward, we had a stirring, deep and meaningful discussion on the topic of "Discrimination", hosted by Eriel.

Read on - there is a lot below this!

Click here for the video of the ceremonies. The iPhone focused on the carpet and LOCKED the focus, so the video is blurry throughout.  You can still get the gist.

Click here for the audio of the discussion portion.

I gathered our youngest brothers together, to represent our Tribe's future, and to emphasize that they are treasured, wanted and true equals in the ongoing history that we share.

I then gathered together some of our older brothers, to represent our long, wonderful history.  The purpose of this grouping was for them to bear witness on behalf of all parts of our community.

I then spoke of Timothy's character, charming peculiarities, and the friendship that he and I have shared, as I have guided him along his path.  He has been a very easy man to mentor!

I vouched for him to the world through my witnessing brothers.

And then I presented him with his cover.

I said a bit more about Master Timothy, praising him, and sending him to his next home far away, as he pursues his career, and the exciting prospect of being New Meat: a handsome, deeply-experienced Master in the San Francisco area!  I warned him that men would soon be flying at him from every direction, butt-first, and that his dick would soon be worn-down like the eraser on a pencil!

He wears it well, and has earned it the hard way. He has never disappointed me in any way, and has only brought value to our Tribe.

From Master Timothy:

Tonight, I was named Master.

What a great night!

Thank you, Papa Tony: without your training, guidance, encouragement, and love I would not be the Master that I am today! Being your friend, and now peer, is indeed, an honor Sir!

One of the best things about being gay is that you get to assemble your own family. The men of FMSD are my brothers, and my world is better because if them. I love you all, and I'll miss you tremendously. I know you travel to the Bay Area, so I expect to hear from you!

Next day:

Papa Tony,

I've been thinking about what you asked me last night, "Do you feel different now that you've been named a Master?"

My whole life I've felt like some kind of freak, like I was somehow damaged goods, half-a-bubble-off-plumb...

But when my Brothers in my Tribe stood with me, and bore witness for me; when you vouched for my skill and my honor, I felt whole, and loved, and perfect just as I am.  I've never felt that before.

Today I stand empowered.
Today I stand whole, complete, and renewed. 

You should own that.  That is what your gifts of time, training, friendship, mentoring, and love produced.  I am a Master, built from the ground up, from your design.

Thank you for that, I will love you always, my dear friend.

Master Timothy

Congratulating our brother, with love.

From Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha:

It looks and fits. Now go out there and Master the men and boys and love and teach them life and respect for themselves and others. Dads can only do so much. lol

We all are who we are, and that is what makes it all work in the FMSD family. As with my own leather family, it is giving that person a chance to grow and learn in a smaller and more loving circle.

 We all want to belong and not be alone in this world. I give people that chance to feel all of that and make there way in the world for however it is needed. Its like being raised with a gay family vs. str8 and then when you feel grown and secure with yourself, you leave home. 

What keeps me going is my family members telling me that they feel something they have never felt before and feel secure. The reward for me, is when someone comes up to me and says how much a person has changed for the good.

From boy richard:

Sirs - This event Wednesday nite was so very moving and inspiring ... my first time attending such an important ceremony ... I'm filled with Joy and Gratitude to have been privileged to have been present and a witness to it. 

Then, it was time to acknowledge our brother Magnum. He has worked harder than anyone else for months, making sure that FetishMenSanDiego's future is secure.  He has guided us through tough times, onward into smooth sailing. Our group is thriving like never before, and has a solid base of fine men who will take FMSD to its next incarnation, and its next, ever onward.

Tonight's presentation was about awarding Magnum a symbol of his growing Mastery.  He has earned my respect as an accomplished Whipmaster… He has done the work, made himself available for coaching, and sweated his ass off, working to improve his craft.  He is amazing to watch, and lethally accurate with a whip.

I was delighted to present him with Amanda (I name all of my whips after my many, many nieces, who think that's it's hilarious).  I hope that she brings him (and many, many satisfied pain-pig bottoms) decades of pleasure. When I saw him AFTER the presentation, strutting around with the whip on his hip, he looked ten feet tall, and was glowing with joy. He was LIVING the role that he has grown into.

Time to show your stuff!

From Magnum:

Yes! I'm touched, moved, inspired by the bond & support of FMSD, my true leather family. Papa Tony, I'm grateful and honored to have you as my mentor, friend & trusted leather brother. There's more for me to learn & discover from you on my kink/leather journey. The pix are awesome! What special night. Congrats to Master Timothy you earned it brother.

Onward to the Men's Discussion on the topic of "Discrimination", hosted by our brother Eriel.  We lack photos from this section, but suffice it to say that the discussion was deep, impactful, and took a lot of chances.  Eriel showed great focus, clarity of intent, and guided us all very well.  He is a natural discussion moderator.

The men who shared, did so without editing - They felt safe, and nobody judged. We were all Dedicated Listeners for our brothers. After the break, the discussion went very wide, covering MANY aspects of discrimination.

Our group doesn't always go this deep, but it is important that we do so periodically.  These things go in cycles.  Every few months, we need to check in with each other on the substantive topics.  This helps our brothers who are struggling, and allows the rest of us to gather together to support them as they grow.

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  1. Sirs - This event Wednesday nite was so very moving and inspiring ... my first time attending such an important ceremony ... I'm filled with Joy and Gratitude to have been privileged to have been present and a witness to it.