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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: SWITCHES Discussion, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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until we get a far superior "Shot From Scott™!  

Here is a partial audio clip - Some kind of technical glitch truncated the full recording.

From Papa Tony:

Last night's Men's Discussion (topic: "Switches", hosted by our own Brett - publicity link here) was yet another example of how well things work, within our group's interpersonal dynamic.

Brett did a masterful job of guiding the discussion, which ran longer than usual, because everyone had so much to say. He kept "mixing it up", by design, to make sure that no part of the discussion was left uncovered, and that everyone had a chance to share.

The discussion ranged far and wide, and we discussed Top vs. bottom vs. Dominant vs. submissive vs. versatile vs. switch, but from many, many different viewpoints and observations.

Everyone felt comfortable, welcome, educated and entertained.  From what I'm hearing, folks learned some surprising new things about each other.

The side-benefit of discussions that go this deep and wide, is that more new ideas for future discussions spring from the course of the conversation.

The only "problem" that arose during the evening is that it practically took blasting-caps to get people settled down and into the next part of the evening.  Folks were so HAPPY, and catching-up with each other.

So, next week, boy jon will be hosting something new and special, to fill that social need.  Watch for future announcements!

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