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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Upcoming Events

The purpose of this listing is to provide a one-stop, unbiased and reasonably complete listing of events that would attract gay FetishMen in and around the San Diego area.  It is meant to be spread as widely as possible, so that folks inside and outside Facebook have free access.

Please follow the standard reference for events listings:

If you post your event, it will be sent out via email each week, after being edited for appropriateness and completeness.

======= NEWS YOU CAN USE=======

Review: SWITCHES Discussion, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here are the handsome men who raised money for charity 
last night at the Harness Party at Numbers Bar. 
From left: Keith, Eli, Aaron, Paulo and Jay.

Eli and Aaron started a wonderful new and very welcome tradition of gathering used gear and toys, and then offering them up for sale at the Harness Party, benefitting various local charities. It's a great way for the rest of our Tribe to add new gear at an excellent price. 

Now, more men are joining the team, and having fun while they do it! Contact Eli at eliseocorreaiii if you have gear or toys that you aren't using any more, and would like to donate. 100% of the profits help local charities.

As you can easily guess from the flawless quality, the photo was by Scott Smith.

Photos from Puppy Night at the Eagle, March 5, 2014

From Papa Tony:
This last weekend, I participated in the Mankind Projects' New Warrior Training Adventure. I CANNOT praise it highly enough.

I found out that the work that I've been doing to create brotherhood, acceptance, mutual support and growth here in our wonderful little sub-sub-culture has been going on in a much better, more-focused way worldwide for decades. I'm thrilled that I have finally found it.
If you want to know more, please let me (or Magnum) know of your thoughts and questions. We absolutely support your ongoing growth and happiness!

 ======= UPCOMING EVENTS=======

Wednesday, March 19th, 7-9PM: FMSD Discussion.

From Papa Tony:

The topic will be "Handing Away the Car Keys", where I give away all remaining traces of control over FetishMenSanDiego, with love and honor to those who step into my place.  It's a glad time, and a great opportunity to shift things into new directions.  I’ve been a community leader for 33 years, and that’s plenty.  I can relax and be supportive of the wonderful men who are here to take my place, and in THEIR own way.

Address:  3090 Polk Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Friday, March 21: Friday Night Beat & Greet, downtown.

(Note from Tony:  Sometimes, a group of us meet at a rallying-point before this event, so that we can ride-share as brothers in a jolly way. Send an email to signmeup4event if you want to know more).

Friday, March 21 (third Friday, every other month), 10:30pm: STUD Night @ the Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. Featured guest will be Cylus Kohen.

March 22-30, 2014: Los Angeles Leather Pride

Wednesday, March 26, 7PM: Hands-On Demo Night.  Featuring Officer Wes, giving lessons on "Electrical Play", while other activities occur as well. You will need to send an RSVP email to signmeupforevent if you want to attend - we have limited space! 

Saturday, March 29th: Mr. San Diego Bear 2014 Contest

More details as they arrive.

Wednesday, April 2, 10PM: Puppy Night at the Eagle - Here are pics from March, and from a year ago.

April 5-6: Phoenix Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, April 5th.

Saturday, May 10, 5-9PM: Eli's Saturday Night Variety Show at Numbers, 3811 Park Boulevard.

From Mr. San Diego Leather 2013 Eli:

Calling all the Bears, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Imperial Court, Pups, FMSD, Club X, Leather, and any others I missed. Do you have talent and want to show it off. All those interested please private message me. Deadlines for all performers will be April 20.

Otherwise come out to see the variety of performers for one night and on one stage. We will have raffles throughout the night and half of the money will go to the Leather Foundation and the other half to Eli Correa's travel fund in order to send him off to IML in 2015. 

After the event ends you can stay for the Harness Event to enjoy great music and hot men.

Tuesday, May 13, 8PM-2AM, First Annual San Diego Bartenders Bash Fundraiser

The First Annual San Diego Bartenders Bash will be an annual celebration for all those that tend/work in a bar and for those bar flies that keep us happy.  Very Casual, PURPLE ATTIRE SUGGESTED !!!  Vendors with samples and giveaways TBA! Proceeds from the cover charge will be donated to charity.

May 17-18: Long Beach Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY May 18.

May 23-26: International Mr. Leather 2014 Contest in Chicago

May 30 & 31: Second Annual Family Reunion Weekend, featuring the return of the Flog Swarm, and a visit by the folks who run the Folsom Street fair, to be our honored guests for our HUGE Movie Night!

June 6-8: Los Angeles Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 8.

June 12-14: FistFest West

June 13-15 - All Male Butchmanns Experience, Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, June 21, 6PM-Midnight: SoCal LeatherSIR, Leatherboy, Community Bootblack & Puppy Contest, at Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center, 3925 Ohio St., San Diego, California 92104 (one block north of the Eagle)

June 28-29: San Francisco Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, June 29.

July 11-13: Wet ’n Hot Weekend in Palm Springs. Over 500 sexy, attitude-free guys will descend upon an underground location in Palm Springs for a weekend filled with uninhibited pig play, brotherhood and fun. It’s the Biggest Piss Party on the Planet, and it’s unlike anything else that you’ve ever experienced

The 2013 Leather Contingent. 2014's will be MUCH bigger!

July 18-20: San Diego Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, July 19, and the Leather Realm on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, July 27: Up Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco

July 30-Aug 4: Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville, California

September 5-6: Las Vegas Pride, with the parade at NIGHT, from 7-10PM, on SATURDAY, Sep. 5.

Sunday, Sep 21: Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

October 18-19: Bearquake in San Diego. BearQuake grew out of an idea of forming an alliance between the various clubs in Southern California and elsewhere. A "Bear Weekend" was planned where we could all get together and get to know each other. A contest was also held for Mr. So Cal Bear and Cub. The success of that first event opened the door to future gatherings which has become "BearQuake".

October 30 - November 2: Desert Leather Pride in Palm Springs

Note: This is a BIG CHANGE in the scheduling, since this usually happens on the SECOND weekend of the month  - Make a note of it!

Here are pics from last year:

Nov. 7-9: Palm Springs Gay Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, Nov. 9

January 16-19, 2015: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is a three-day long party and event with participants that now number in the thousands. The heart of the weekend is the historic leather formal Saturday evening cocktail social, Leather Cocktails. Leather Cocktails is the weekend lynchpin gathering from which all other weekend events evolved.

The Weekend also includes official events organized by weekend hosts, Centaur MC that include a bustling Leather Exhibit Hall; Sunday brunch; Mr. MAL Contest and the official Sunday night closing party, REACTION. In addition, Weekend hosts provide hotel space for what has evolved into a huge leather-loving community and affinity annual reunion. Weekend participants may purchase a full weekend package that includes access to all events. Tickets to a few select events are sold separately.

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