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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Uh-Oh - I Think We Have a Glitch!

From Papa Tony:

I have been posting various things on the blog in the last few days.  In THEORY, this should have caused the new email system to automatically send out email messages to FMSD followers with a link to the posted articles.

Even though I've entered several of my own email addresses into the new system, I have received NOTHING. This alarms me, and it's a big breakdown in the transition to the new method of keeping folks up-to-date.

If you have entered your email address into the new system, solved the puzzle that proves that you're not a robot, and have clicked on a link in a verification email, you SHOULD be good to go.

So, here is my request:

If you were alerted to the existence of this message in an email, please contact me at papatony and let me know.  I really want to sandpaper the rough edges off of getting out the news, to make life easier for the men that follow behind me.

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