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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get Ready For The Big Family Reunion Weekend!

The next few weeks are full of fun-fun-fun, with a BIG explosion of pleasure at the end of the month. Flogging lessons & practice sessions are coming up fast, leading up to the big Flog Swarm / Gear Invasion / Movie Night. These events are all designed to build massive amounts of true Tribal fun and friendship.

If you want to own a good, inexpensive (1/4 the usual cost) flogger for the big weekend (we will teach you really, really well) click here, and look at the top of the page.  My reviews are listed to the left of several items on that page.

ALL locations will be revealed those who 
RSVP to SignMeUpForEvent 
Why? Because we want to make sure that all attendees 
are all on-board with the intended plans. 
These are guaranteed safe spaces.

Wednesday, May 21 from 6-9PM: Get ready for the Flog Swarm! First training and practice is for men only.  It's all about building intimacy and trust. Location: see above.

Saturday, May 24 from 1-3pm: The second practice is a pansexual party (including gay males, since folks have been asking)!  The team is getting bigger! Bring a towel if you want a swim after! We have floggers for you to use, so don't let lack of a flogger be an excuse for you to miss this event!  Location: see above.

Friday, May 30, 6PM: Informal dinner at an excellent, inexpensive restaurant.  If we get enough interested folks, then it will be a buffet.  Location: see above.

Saturday, May 31, 12 Noon: Flog Swarm.  As of May 13, we have 64 participants signed up, with more RSVP'ing every day. It's going to be magnificent, fun, and utterly Tribal. We will be asking for an optional charitable donation at the door - 100% of proceeds go to charity.  Location: see above.

Saturday, May 31, 6:30PM: Gear Invasion Dinner at Harvey Milk's Diner.  There will be a Master's Cap Presentation Ceremony, lots of out-of-town guests, and excellent food. Dress up if you've got it!

Saturday, May 31, 9PM: Movie Night. Meet outside of the North Park Birch Theater for the Gear Contest and Group Photo. Then, once we go inside, it's time for announcements and a few Folsom Street Fair stories.  Then, it's time for Folsom Forever, with a Director's Q&A after the movie.  After THAT, we will head on over to the Eagle (a couple of blocks away) to discuss the movie.

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