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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Post Event Publicity

This is for those folks who desire to widely publicize their events to the men in the FMSD social network:

First, a few tips:

- Try to give us at LEAST a couple of weeks' warning before your event, so that folks can plan to attend.  The idea is to build mind-share for your event, versus the rest of the events in our ever-more-crowded calendar. We are a VERY successful group, so there are a lot of events vying for our attention.

- Always try to supply an image to go with your text, to catch people's eye.  If you're not an artist, search for related text on Google, and then click on "Images" at the top of the page. You'll be astonished at the great stuff you'll find, that can be a fun addition.  It may take some time and digging, but it has never failed me yet.

- Be sure to include the "WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO and HOW MUCH" information. That's the factual stuff.  However, the men of FMSD are looking most-closely for the "WHY". The more that they know about the passion that you feel for the event, the more likely that they will show up. Don't see us as merely consumers to be "talked at". We are your brothers, so tell us why you want this event to succeed.  We really do care, and want to be supportive...


Go to our Facebook page:

You should see this at the top part of our page (look for “Write something…"):

If you DON'T see it, you have not yet become a member of our page. 
Ask to be added, and when that's done, continue along...

Put your text there, and then click on “Add Photo” to add an image (if you have one).

If you have a web-link, paste it at the end of your text, and Facebook will automatically make it clickable.

If you need to change what you’ve done later on, click on the faint, gray downward-pointing “V” at the upper right of the posting, and choose “Edit Post":

If you follow these steps, then your event will be ready to be scooped up, and added to the newsletter and blog.  It will reach a LOT of kinky males in the prime demographic!

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