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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review of Second Practice for Flog Swarm

Photos by the ever-charming Scott Smith!
In the spirit of discretion, there aren't 
a lot of pictures to share so very publicly.

From Papa Tony:

Saturday, May 24, 2014:

Something happened at this event, that has never happened before, in San Diego's entire history:

A kinky men's affinity-group has hosted an event for the pansexual crowd to share and enjoy.  And, my GOODNESS - Didn't everybody enjoy it!

The men who showed up as hosts are the Heavy Players in our Tribe.  We have already long-since learned to trust, love and respect each other.  So, it was easy to take the same pleasures that we share, and to open it up further to include our brothers and sisters who wanted to get to know us better.

At the beginning, I asked everybody to step up and OWN the upcoming Flog Swarm - To bring the festive, the fun and the ferocious!  Based upon what I saw that afternoon, that won't be a problem at all.

My own personal goal for this event was to see how well everybody worked together as a team.  I was deeply gratified, far more than I had dared to dream beforehand. I had requested that everybody arrive with open hearts, and that's what happened.

We all then broke into three basic groups:

1. The folks who wanted to hone their flogging skills (beginner and advanced). We practiced the basic moves, and a few worked on Florentine Flogging (two floggers at once) and advanced throws and grips.  We even covered a bit of Flog Dancing!

2. The folks who were practicing for the Kinky Tableaus that will be part of the entertainment on stage, when Saturday's big event arrives. Our masterful artists were arranging, re-arranging and styling the various configurations with complete artistry and focus!

3. The folks who will be providing the pulsing heartbeat of the Flog Swarm - The drummers and percussionists, led by our superb Drum Master.  This is a major part of what will make the Flog Swarm so TRIBAL.  As I mentioned in my last review, these folks stayed FOCUSED like lasers. I admire that intensely.


There were delicious snacks, ample amounts of toys, a glorious, overcast day (not too hot, not too cold), easy-going players, and a superb locale.

The only thing that could have made it even better, is a larger reserve of strength.  We were all pretty wiped-out after a few hours.  Happily endorphinated, but exhausted. There were hugs, cuddles, and lots of joyful laughter.

Many thanks to the entire team, from FMSD and Club X - You made a BIG difference, and made history.  Everybody did their part, and now, we all get to share in the glory.

After this breakthrough event, the main question is "Why not do this more often?"  Given how perfectly everything went, I can't imagine any reason not to. Everything flowed from moment to moment, because we all had a firm foundation of deep mutual trust.  As time goes by, more and more folks are going to be wanting IN.

So, let's plan for it!

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