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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Video, Photos and Review of Men's Flog Swarm Practice

Photos by the shimmering, bubbly and effervescent Scott Smith!

Pre-Event Publicity From Cobi

Wednesday, May 21, 2014:

This will be the first flogging practice for the upcoming Flog Swarm. This practice is for men only, and replaces our regular meeting night so I hope to see everyone there. We have plenty of floggers to loan and people to work with you, if you're new. This is a great opportunity to learn!


From Papa Tony:

The first Flog Swarm Practice went very well, and gave me complete confidence in the success of the Flog Swarm coming up in a week and a half. I explain it here.

Here is a miniature version of what I told my brothers, once the social portion was done:

I came up with the original Flog Swarm, and set this one up as well.  From this point onward, I am handing it away.  If you have an exciting idea for the evening, I urge you to step up and let us help you make it happen.  This is all about intimacy, trust and community, and if you have something to add to the mix, let it loose!

We now have 80 RSVP's from folks who I know and admire, so the event is guaranteed to be a success. Think of this as an old Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie: "We've got the barn, so let's put on a SHOW!"

There are scads of plans already settled, and in the pipeline, but we want MORE. My goal for this event is that we all discover just how wonderful everybody can be, once they have the space and the approval. Let's leave the shyness, the concerns and the considerations OUTSIDE, and play like happy, well-loved kids together.  It's time.

Your hosts for the Flog Swarm, so far, with 
more showing up this Saturday, 1PM at the same location.

This was about 2/3 of the floggers that were made available.
Order yours here, and I recommend the one at the top of the page.


I got the Flogging 101 Tutorial ball rolling, and then got distracted.  Suddenly, Frank, Cobi and Magnum stepped up and began teaching beginners masterfully and thoroughly, and Rob started showing off his Florentine Flogging (two floggers at once) advanced technique.

So, I just sat my big ass down, and admired them in action. It was enormously satisfying to see these men being so powerful and majestic.

There was a surprisingly large number of men who were eager to learn for the first time, so we will be continuing the lessons on Saturday at 1PM at the same location, and at 6PM on Tuesday with very closely-guided training.  Email me at papatony for the location.


This is where the magic REALLY took off.

Our brother Jason showed up with two drums from his collection, and agreed to be our Drum Master for the Flog Swarm. Originally, we had planned to simply play rhythmic music through the sound-system, but the energy shifted. Folks began to insist, weeks ago, that the only truly Tribal way to get the crowd-energy pumping like a big, powerful heart is to have live, passionate DRUMMERS.

You can't argue with that!

Our Drum Master Jason has lots of experience, both with drumming, and in kinky play.  When we needed him most, he stepped right up, and he taught rigorously, patiently, and masterfully.

There will be a LOT of drums at the Flog Swarm for the crowd around the Swarm to use, and if you have percussion-instruments of your own, BRING them to the next practice, and to the Flog Swarm.  We're ready for you.

One of my very favorite parts of this event was seeing the men step up to learn drumming.  I kept waiting for SOMEBODY's attention to wander, but it never happened. These men were utterly fixated, and it would have taken a stick of dynamite to pry them from their lessons.  No amount of money, bullying or whining can make a man this dedicated to learning and growing - It simply has to be built-in, right down to the core.

I'm thoroughly eager to see these men grow into their power and majesty as future Drum Masters!


Once again, our brothers have stepped up, and in the best possible ways.

As I said above, lessons will continue, on Saturday and this Tuesday night.  Everybody is going to get  coached, with the goal of having the Flog Swarm be thoroughly satisfying for everyone who is ready to PLAY.

This is the last time that I will coordinating a large event - I am shifting into a Tribal Elder/supportive coach mode.  It was my goal that there be a good-sized team of leaders involved in this Flog Swarm from the very beginning, so that the tradition can continue for years to come, if that's what people choose.

They showed up!

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