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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review of "Welcome to Out-Of-Towners" Dinner

Friday, May 30, 2014.  Here is the pre-event publicity for this dinner.

Photo by our beloved Scott Smith

Last night's dinner was informal, closely-knit and utterly brotherly, just as it was meant to be. 

It felt wonderful to be around such fine folks, and just unwind.  I really needed it.  I could let go of the Hard Work Phase, and ease into the Playful Success Phase.

As I told these fine folks at the end of the dinner:

Yes, I did a lot of work, leading up to this weekend.  I prepared the way.  However, none of my ideas would have the slightest chance of succeeding without my trusted brothers making them come true.  Without you, I am just some guy in an ivory tower, thinking too much.
This weekend (the last time that I am directly organizing events of any kind) is going to be deliriously successful, all due to the team stepping up and playing full-out. 

There are even MORE folks arriving from San Francisco this morning, and I can trust my brothers to be superb hosts, guides and playmates.  They have proven their character and worth, many times over.

I'm glad that last night's mellow, sweet dinner was exactly the right size, and set a great tone for the weekend.  I slept really well afterward (for the first time in weeks).

After this weekend, I can shift from being a leader that others support, to being a source of support for OTHER men's leadership.  After 33 years of active leadership, I'm ready.

TODAY's multiple events are all about intensity and Tribe, and all of us on the team are READY!

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