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Monday, February 23, 2015

CBT 101 Hands-On Demo Night, This Wednesday

Hosted by Papa Tony and Sir Magnum, at our new meeting space:

7-9PM, Wednesday, February 25th
Get there early - You have a form to fill out and sign!

1235 Hotel Circle S, Suite C
San Diego, CA  92108-3436

(Artist's Conception)

(Artist's Conception)

What is CBT? It's Cock and Ball Torture. Sounds scary, huh?

Not with proper training and some basics to be understood, first.

We will demo some easily-mastered moves, with inexpensive toys that you probably already have in your home. The main tool you will use is your brain, because we will also teach you the MIND FUCKS that lead to the best excitement for all concerned.

Be prepared to try it for yourself, on either side of the scene, because we will have the freedom to do as we wish, at our wonderful new home.

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