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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Butchmanns Experience Came to San Diego!

Photographs are by our good brother Scott Smith.

UPDATE:  The audio recording of the post-weekend reviews is here (49 minutes)

From Magnum: The Butchmanns Experience started on Thursday with a "kick-off & welcome dinner" for the staff and behind-the-scene supporters. Thanks to Frank Explorer and his hubby Chuck for a fabulous & delicious dinner. 

 From Papa Tony, Monday, February 2, 2015:
You will notice that I won't be saying anything about what happened during the weekend.  We don't want to spoil the surprises and benefits of the Butchmanns Experience for those who follow after us.
Master Magnum was inspired to light the candle, 
which represents our brother David.
He is still lost to us, and could not attend with his brothers.

Those of us who attended the very first San Diego-based Butchmanns Experience this weekend (this one was all-male - the next one won't be) are pretty wiped-out, this Monday morning. After any event, there is something that occurs which is called "Post-Event Drop",  where the organizers collapse, recover and ponder which lessons to learn.

In THIS case, everybody who was there feels the same way, whether they spent the weekend as a volunteer, a participant, a leader, or a producer.  We are all dragging tailfeathers, folks!

Why?  Because this was one of those situations where we captured lightning in a bottle - all of us together.  Every human being who spent time being a part of the weekend had a stake in creating one of the most deeply Tribal events I've ever HEARD of, much less attended.  Nobody held back, everybody got the full, desired result, and nobody was left out.

At the end of the weekend, it was like a Happiness Bomb had gone off in the room - a big one.

Our out-of-town speakers and leaders were thrilled with San Diego's local Tribe.  I warned them at the beginning that this would be unlike any other Butchmanns weekend, because the majority of folks in this crowd already loved each other as a Tribe.  The leaders saw that we arrived READY, and already unified in brotherly love. They got to share their wisdom, moderate the processes and guide the sold-out crowd in breakthroughs, in a gathering of men that already had each others' backs.

The men in attendance took a lot of chances, knowing that they had the support of the brothers around them.  We love these men even more now, having seen each other in new ways.

The volunteers worked as though their lives depended upon it:

- The food was luscious and wholesome, clearly prepared with affection, and served with happy hearts. I DO have an issue with our brother Michael: How on earth am I going to lose twenty pounds by next week, if you keep bringing fresh-baked cookies every day?  :->

- The after-event cleanup went by in a flash, with a big team, working like beavers - Everybody went home early, rather than having a couple of overworked volunteers having to labor on into the dark hours.  It was a happy team effort.

Plans are already being made for the next Butchmanns Experience in San Diego, later this year, by VERY popular demand. Send an email to magnanumos AT to get on the alert list!

From Master Magnum:

San Diego's Leather & Kink community is alive & thriving!

I'm still floating around in an altered state of awesomeness & gratitude from a powerful weekend of transformation of the first ever Butchmanns Experience in San Diego!

My desire of wanting to make this happen wasn't of my own efforts it took a cast of volunteers and supporters to set this thang off!

Here's a BIG shoutout to all y'all!
Forgive me if I miss someone...and away we go!

Butchmanns Experience Arizona & APEX
Club X
Master Jason & Shilo Vix (the Food King & Queen)
Left of the Slash
Board of Directors of The Stomping Ground
Ron MacGregor (my heart, soul & rock!)
Papa Tony Anthony Lindsey
Daddy Ron Brundige (the Pulled Pork was delicious!)
Zazzii Jonz & Ash (Chicken & Saffron)
Wish Linda
Master Jason's girls: Shilo Vix, Holly & Amber Jordan (the Prime Rib was off the chain!)
Ian Morton
Eli Correa & Keith Johnson
Steve Sallis
my boy Steve Leffler
Donald Donnie Vella (awesome on the check-in table!)
Scott B Smith (FMSD resident photograher)
Mistress Chloe at the Hideaway
Sir Brent Englehart & kittenanne for providing the delicious veggie pasta dish, baked goods, kitchen supplies and the much needed massage tables.
If I forgot to mention anyone else I'm gonna have to refer you to my legal team! lol!

Unlimited amounts of love & gratitude to you all! — feeling thankful with Brett, Alf Ceceña, Richard Cook, Pup Colton Jayde Harmon, Jerry Moreau, Mike Brock, Robby DeWitte, Dan Woodward and Shilo Vix.

From Ian Morton:

So happy to have been able to assist. You deserve much respect for heading up the team to make this happen. There are some amazing community leaders in the making, and being in the same building while they were experiencing significant growth was an honor!

From Donnie Vella:

It was a Great time Magnum, I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering on Friday. I'm glad I was able to help Frank unload his car and take supplies in, and also checking everyone in was a blast too. It was nice to be able to Greet the participants, most of which were just as happy to see me as I was them. Everyone was so nice. Had it not been such a busy weekend I would have volunteered more or become a participant.

From Jerry Moreau:

For all who attended the weekend and had a change, an experience, and left feeling different. I'm reminded of this poem to not go back to sleep, life is not the same anymore - don't go back to the old ways. We are not the same any more, embrace the change in your life, relish it and keep moving forward with confidence.

Don’t go back to sleep
By Rumi

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

From Dan Woodward:

Perhaps discard old ways which no longer serve us, but keep ones that still prove functional. I have some more thinking to do before discussing things tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to hear and definitely see by these wonderful pics that you all had an awesome weekend. I was happy to Volunteer and be a part of this weekend helping to unload supplies from cars and bring them in to the facility and then when everyone arrived I got to be welcome everyone and see everyone's smiling face. So Much Fun. I'm glad you all had an Awesome Weekend.