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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shopping Recommendations

From Papa Tony: I've been gathering new gear lately, and I'd love to praise and promote the artisans and artists who support our Tribe directly.

Mister Marcus

My prized new toys...

Mister Marcus is a valued member of Club X San Diego, and I'm glad to get to know him better.  He hand-crafts play-toys that are individual works of art, AND craft.  If you want a unique new toy (or want to give a loved one the very best), he can be reached at AT, and he has a new Web site. He has no desire to crank out identical items like pasta, so don't expect that!


I'd like to endorse the folks at JimSupport in Palm Springs as an excellent source of kinky hardware, such as slings, fuck-benches and rim seats. Everything is of the highest-possible quality and utility.  I'm delighted with my own extra-tall sling, as shown in this image.  It's GREAT for suspending folks in all sorts of ways, such as by the wrists on all four sides!

Tribal Son

I admit it - as I get older, I LIKE masculine jewelry and accessories.  It's okay for males to be peacocks!

Let's say that you take a trip to the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, or Mid-Atlantic Leather, Folsom Street Fair or Dore Alley (among many others).  These events are CROWDED with thousands of the hottest men in the world.  You will see many of the sexiest, most hyper-masculine men setting-off their brawny, wide chests and pumped-up arms with cuffs, pendants, rings, belt buckles and other goodies designed by Brian and Peter at Tribal Son. They always have a booth at the bigger events, and are well-worth finding in person.

Everything is designed to be Tribal and MALE. I think that I have seven of their pieces, and always want more.

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