Monday, February 23, 2015

FMSD's New Meeting Space!

The men of FMSD have a new meeting-space, effective immediately:

1235 Hotel Circle S, Suite C
San Diego, CA  92108-3436

(Artist's Conception)

Compared to the old space, parking is WONDERFUL, and we will have a lot more freedom.  We will meet here EVERY Wednesday, except for holidays.

It's a little rough right now, but together, we will make it much, much better.  Think of this as the equivalent to the original San Diego Gay & Lesbian Center from the 1970's, which was just a bungalow near 17th and Broadway. Now, the Center is a showplace, in the heart of Hillcrest.

This is a starting-point for a San Diego Kink, Leather & Fetish Center.  It deserves all support!

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