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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photos from CBT 101 Hands-On Demo Night

Photos by Scott Smith, who helps us celebrate our successes!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - From Papa Tony:

This was our first event at our new, much-more open meeting space. It was crowded, rowdy, and evidently fascinating to everyone attending. Michael brought macaroons and cookies, and slave keith brought superb fruit-trays.

I started the event with basic CBT techniques, and handed off to Sir Magnum and Hardy, who demonstrated mid-level techniques, and then our own Cobi led us into "Advanced CBT on a Budget".  I learned a lot!

There were plenty of cautionary warnings (we don't want to break our toys!), and then we had a few brave bottom-boys strip down to be practiced upon.  Clearly, we didn't JUST stick with CBT techniques, but we sure took the bottom-boys around the world!

One couple came all of the way from Palm Springs for the class.  I made sure that they got a special set of instructions on how to conduct a scene, which were witnessed by many men taking mental notes.

If our events continue to be this crowded and popular, we are eventually going to have to rent the stage at the MGM Grand in Vegas!

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