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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BELT Party June 2012, Official Press-Release

Note from Tony: All photos are by the professional photographer Cali Griebel. Her studio is called Photos By Cali, and you should definitely check out the thousands of photos on her site. Hundreds of her photos from the previous BELT parties can be found here: December 2011 and March 2012. The next BELT Party is at Numbers at 10PM on Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Cub Club isn't about the type, it's about the culture....NEW NASTY RULES for the sideshow room (scroll down) 

BELT is back! This month Cub Club's partners Dangilo the Uberglitterati and Ned Cato Jr. (Geek Knight Productions) are bringing San Diego's newest authentic fetish dance party event to Numbers on Saturday, JUNE 30, 2012.

MAIN ROOM: San Diego's Superstar DJ SHANE STIEL is going to get your blood flowing and your senses aroused with his sexy, nasty house beats. He's promised to take us all on a journey that will set this night apart from any other, and fill your body with music. and take your experience to the next level.

SIDESHOW ROOM: San Fransisco's DJ Gehno Aviance will be in the booth, complimenting the debauchery that happens around him, and he's sure to bring down some of that authentic attitude that can only be found in the city that hosts Dore Alley and the Folsom Street Fair. 

SIDESHOW ROOM RULES: The sideshow is where we set up most of our "entertainment" and if you were in attendance last time, you experienced the adult fun. While everyone is encouraged to come as they are, and enjoy the MAIN ROOM. The SIDESHOW ROOM will be reserved for those that want to take their "BELT" experience to the next level. 

A DRESS (or lack of DRESS) CODE will be enforced upon entry. Guests of Belt that wish to enter the "back" SIDESHOW room are expected to wear FETISH GEAR* (a leather BELT will not be sufficient), and if you don't have fetish gear then STRIP it DOWN! Take off your shirt or pants, or both. (Clothes Check will be open) 

Someone will be standing guard at the entrance and enforcing the rules, so make sure you wear your favorite skivvies. (Ladies, this rule is genderless, so if you choose to strip down please wear the appropriate undergarments, still have to abide by SAN DIEGO LAWS)

*FETISH GEAR can include but is not limited to Leather (shirt, pants, boots, etc), a harness, corsets, spandex, latex wear, Furry fandom wear, kilts, costumes, UNIFORMs, Puppy gear, cross dressing, nylons, sheers, etc. If it's your fetish, and you can WEAR IT WITH CONVICTION, then you are in...P.S.... Mask's will need to be removed upon entry for security purposes and ID check.

DEMONSTRATIONS will be happening throughout the night (ranging from flogging, bondage, electroplay, foot play, puppy play, clamping, etc.) You won't want to miss a thing...

Entertainment and authenticity will be in the form of SAN DIEGO power couple: GLITZ GLAMOUR (2011 Nicky Award Winner) & ANTHONY ROLLAR (MR SAN DIEGO LEATHER 2010 & 2011 Nicky Award winner). Along for the fun we will have a A list group of dancers and fetish artists including ELI CORREA (Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012), GRACE TOWERS, ART TORRES, Pink Boombox's LILLY HOLIDAY, MISTRESS RIN RAVAGE, Rounding out the crew, CUB CLUB's sexy beasts:GOGO MAX, GOGO BFF, and Dangilo (@uberglitterati)

FETISH MEN SAN DIEGO will be in house with Papa Tony Lindsey. FMSD will be celebrating 2 years as an organization this summer. They are coming to play, educate, and open your sensibilities up to some old and new activities. They bring an authenticity that no other San Diego Fetish Event this size has ever seen. Be a voyeur, or let them take you on a journey.

Look for our official Boot Black, Spike Tranc! She will be in house, just in case you need that extra shine on your gear She can also advise if you need that cigar for the smoking patio. 

Please Stop by our supporters and partners:

Pleasures & Treasures (perfect place to get gear, and sex ed)
2525 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104 
Mon-Sat 11a-11p
sun 11a-6p

Cali Griebel Photography
San Diego, CA




don't forget to follow @cubclubUSA @uberglitterati @gogmax @gogobff on twitter & like "CUBCLUBSD" on facebook for up to the minute details...

USE hashtag #BELTSD on Twitter.

We always have a few slots (no pun intended) open for fetish demonstrations, please contact GLITZ GLAM, ANTHONY ROLLAR, NED CATO JR, or DANGILO. We are looking for real Pros to come out and demonstrate their skills.....

21+w/Proper I.D.

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