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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Biggest SD Gay Leathermen's Event In Ten Years, June 30th

A lot has been going on in the last few weeks, making preparations for the BELT Party/FMSD Second Anniversary/Eagle Backroom Parties. There is a BIG team working on this in many locations.  I've gotten confirmations from men from Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Long Beach, Riverside County and every part of San Diego County who definitely plan to attend:

Saturday, June 30th - just a few days away.

Two locations simultaneously: San Diego Eagle and Numbers Night Club.  Why? Because we are going to need both locations, for sure.

At Numbers: GEAR FETISH Pre-Party starting at 9PM, followed by the BELT Party at 10PM.

At the Eagle: BACKROOM PARTY starting at 10PM. From what I hear, the bar is going to be restructured in a new way to make it much more intensely personal and private for men in gear.

The last time we had this many leather/fetishmen visiting from so many places was San Diego Leather Pride, March 2002. I suspect that this is going to be even bigger. I've been part of San Diego's leathermen community since 1977, so I know what I'm talking about.

Rather than just the usual FMSD "peace, love and brotherhood" vibe, this is more about lusty, raunchy, powerful, hyper-masculine MEN having big fun in large crowds.

To get ready, here are some tips:

- Review the Dress Code for Gear Nights so that you will be prepared properly.

- Check out the BELT Party official Press Release, and my explanation of what the BELT Party is all about. Both include many, many pictures.

- If you plan to do any shopping beforehand, I can recommend some local resources.

- If you want to volunteer, we can always use more good men to act as Community Representatives. What does this mean? We need friendly, outgoing men of all types to attend the party, have a great time, and be extra-friendly to folks who look shy or new. The payoff is that more of our brothers will want to join in, get involved and get the hell away from their computers in the future. To be a volunteershow up at 6PM this Wednesday, June 20th. We will fill you in on the plans, and give you your identifying tag. Then, stick around for the Men's Discussion afterward.

- We can still use some local sofas to use for out-of-town dignitaries to sleep on. Leaders in the kinky-gay-male community in various nearby cities are always a good bet for house guests, because they are men of integrity and immense value. Email papatony if you want to help out.

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