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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dress Code for Gear Nights, Encouraged

At various San Diego gay leather/fetish events, there will be expectations of appropriate attire & accessories in order to enhance the experience and atmosphere of an event or area within an event. The following information will clarify the intent, and the guidelines.

The intention:

We want to encourage a sense of dress in fetish/leather gear; to visually identify that we are all members in a Tribe and have a kindred spirit of kink and community. Gearing up as intensive, intentional men sharing a common lust for fetishwear, we rejoice in a shared brotherhood. As a result the masculine vibe goes WAY UP.

Taking the steps to show pride in your fetish through your individual styles of gear/fetishwear, you're proving how much you want to play and bond with the rest of your brothers.

The following will help clarify the guidelines:

No colognes, scented oils, deodorants or soaps. Kinky men like sweat, pheromones and natural musky aromas. Please do not disrupt the event atmosphere with strong perfumey odors.

No sports shoes/tennis shoes unless included with a full, intentional sports-fetish outfit.

No Nazi and SS gear or any Authoritarian/Dictatorship uniform or insignia. Not cool, not wanted. If it makes somebody unhappy, then we will need to talk about it.

A leather belt is not enough. To reinforce the brotherhood and kink at an event, boots, jeans and a shirtless torso are considered the MINIMUM requirement, no matter what your body-shape may be. Accessorizing with armbands, harness, vest or other fetishwear is more likely to gain you better attention from other sexy, horny attendees.

On the other hand, we won't object if you strip down. San Diego's Vice laws are quite conservative, so we can't show butt-cheeks or butt-crack in public:

The host-bar and YOU can get busted pretty hard for this. If there is a clothes-check at the event, then feel free to strip right down to your skivvies. Visible, available man-flesh is always welcome. And yes, that means YOU. Try taking off your shirt, just to defy any possible fears. We personally guarantee that you'll get felt-up at least once.

If certain item(s) of gear make you feel sexual, masculine and aroused, we want to see you wear it. You can expect to see uniforms of every kind, leather, latex, rubber, neoprene, puppy-gear, business formal, sports-jock attire, and surprising new fetishes that are individual styles you may find to be your new thing. If you can convince the guy at the door that you are the Real Deal, and this stuff makes your dick hard, then dive right into the deep end with your brothers!

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