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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FMSD Two Years Along: Status Report

There simply isn't any bad news to report.  If there was, I would tell you, so that we could crowd-source a solution. 

It's all good news:

When I started FetishMenSanDiego two years ago, I had a lot of old baggage, but a really big idea.

I wanted to bring Tribe back. I had experienced a glorious, true leathermen's community when I was young, and then everything broke down when so many of us died. So, my main motivation for starting FMSD was pitifully sad. That lasted for about a month. I had to let go of the crisis-mode, and start opening up my mind to the idea that everybody wanted some fun-fun-fun!  We've all had enough of tragedy. Time to let the sunshine in.

With the help of many, many people, our events improved.

FMSD stopped being MY project a long time ago.  It became OUR project. The unity, the kindness, the brotherhood and the openness have told me so. We haven't had to deal with drama, and we have never had to stress out. This tells me that we are all starved for true brotherhood, and are willing to do what it takes to keep it around.

Everything has changed for the better - More events, more superb new leaders rising up, so many volunteers that they are getting underfoot (what a great problem to have) and dozens of successful events coming at us all of the time. That's all just INSIDE the San Diego FetishMen community, which is usually my main focus. I've stayed true to that focus for two years, because I have wanted to help the emerging men's Tribal movement get rolling without hitting any brick walls.

Now, our community is motivating along like an unstoppable freight train!  With around 2,800 followers and a long stretch of accomplishments, breaking down cynicism and resistance to new ideas is no longer a problem. Now, we have success following success at all times.

What is my favorite part about the phase we are in? The younger guys. Probably seventy percent of the newest FMSD followers in the last three months are under the age of 35. This totally messes with my old-guy preconceptions, and I'm thrilled with that. The energy, idealism, authenticity and commitment shown by our younger generations is the engine that is driving this freight-train along. If that surprises you, then please come to our events and take a sharp look around you. Everything new, good, and exciting these days can be traced right back to the men who used to be waiting to have the torch of leadership handed over.  It's now in supremely good hands.

What also excites me? The older guys. The wise, kind, experienced men of my generation (and older) are coming back out to show loving support for our new, rising young champions. This is the fuel that energizes the younger guys. They love to earn our respect, because they want to know that they have a future and a treasured place in the Tribe. The older men provide the validation and admiration that make all the difference.

It appears that the urge to be loving and supportive is a lot bigger in the world outside FMSD than I have credited before. Everybody wants us to succeed. The women's community, the pansexual community, and the cities surrounding San Diego are glad that FMSD exists. We have family that loves us.  As time goes by, we are going to be finding more ways to return that love. 

As an example: Next week, I will be pushing San Diego Pride really heavily. There is so much good news that I simply can't deal with it this week, since I'm so busy with the events coming up in the next few days. In the meantime, just be aware that the rest of San Diego's community is thriving as well, and they love to see their leather/fetish brothers so happy these days. We disappeared from their sight for a long, long time, and we have been missed. We're back, and we're such nice guys, too. Hurray!

There will be times when it is our duty as brothers to come to Family Reunions such as San Diego Pride, and to stand tall and proud among the really, truly wonderful people of the larger community. Anybody that sees us will know that FetishMen in San Diego are numerous, happy, proud and affectionate members of a successful Tribe.

Because we are!

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