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Monday, June 18, 2012

Recommended Fetishwear Resources in San Diego County

If you're looking to add kinky/erotic gay men's masculine gear to your wardrobe, I have found these local resources to be good, dependable ones. If you have more suggestions, post them in the comments:

Bargain Center. Excellent selection of Army-Navy Surplus gear and boots. Since the store has been one block away from the Eagle for decades, the crew that works there is completely gay-friendly and very willing to help you find obscure stuff, if you simply ask.

Big Black Boots. Normally, Rich and the team only sell online… at BOOT.COM - Cool domain-name, huh?  However, they are a tried-and-true resource for kinky boots, and they DO allow local men to try a pair on before committing to buy, unlike online-only stores. I know lots of very satisfied men wearing their boots.

California Uniform. A good source for uniform-style gear, just down the street from Numbers. They will NOT sell you badges, patches, or other stuff that is illegal to sell to civilians, but they are a great source for leather inspection gloves, belts, pants, epaulette uniform shirts and the like. I buy my uniform shirts there and have them tailor them for me right away.

San Diego Leather Jacket Company, in National City.  I posted a full review here. They've got a cool domain-name, too -!

L & A Tailoring, near the corner of 30th and University. I posted a full review here.


Moose Leather - Steve (stevewendt has been making gear for decades, and so has Mark (hawgs at Hard Labor Leather. They work out of their homes.

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