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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kink Crusaders Movie Night, August 15

UPDATE ONE: This event is going wildly viral, just like the BELT Party, and for the same reason - By including a vibrant, fast-growing community in what started as a normal public event, it becomes something that everybody feels ownership of, and grows every single time it happens. This will be our second Movie Night, but it looks like it could turn into a semi-annual event, growing every time. I vote for Daddy and the Muscle Academy for the next time, but you can make your suggestions here. Folks in other cities and states will want to come down to San Diego for Movie Nights!

UPDATE TWO: Prizes have been announced for the Best Leather/Kink Outfit Competition:

1. Las Vegas Resort - Two-night stay at the Blue Moon Resort - The Hotel for Men in Las Vegas: $450 value!

2. FIT Athletic Club - One-month Guest Pass and one Personal Trainer session: $275 Value!

3. The Crypt - Gift Certificate & Basket: $150 value!

UPDATE THREE: We will be having some of our best local champions acting as emcee and judges during the contest, and it will be a wildly entertaining segment of an already exciting evening.

UPDATE FOUR: Bring your movie ticket sub to the Eagle afterward (it's only two blocks away), because we will have a Drink Special waiting for us as we discuss the movie's highlights!

UPDATE FIVE: We will be saluting the the men of San Diego who have competed onstage at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago in years past, having them stand up and be applauded - The first person who spots one of these men in the movie wins a prize!

Wed. Aug 15, 7PM: KINK CRUSADERS Movie Night at the North Park Birch TheaterWe are greatly honored to have Micheal Skiff, the director of Kink Crusaders joining us at 7PM on Wednesday, August 15th, when the movie is being shown SPECIFICALLY in our honor. Once again, this would be a very good occasion to get geared up, if you have it, but….


Tell your friends - This is an extremely important cultural event for our local community. For the the first time, a special movie has been booked, specifically in honor of gay fetishmen in San Diego. I like that a lot, because it means that local businesses are taking us more and more seriously. Our numbers are growing, along with our influence.

This picture just shows the guys who happened to be in gear at our Cruising Movie Night - there were also three times as many men who didn't want to pose for the picture because they were not dressed in gear.
The folks with FilmOut were greatly impressed when so many of us showed up for the Al Pacino movie Cruising in November 2011 (they sold 150% more tickets than expected), and have been waiting for the right movie to bring us back again.

They have spent $2,000 to rent the movie, so let's reward the risk that they are taking by packing the theater solid, with hooting, hollering and horny men!

Kink Crusaders

** KINK contest for Top 3 Best Kink/Leather Gear Outfits!**

Director: Mike Skiff will be in attendance!

Go behind the scenes at the annual International Mr. Leather competition, where men from around the world gather to compete for the title of Mr. Leather. Once a small niche community that was dismissed by critics as a carnival of gay sexual fetishes, leather has gone mainstream, and Kink Crusaders proves why. As it delves into the lives and aspirations of its contestants with humor, tasteful eroticism and pathos, it reveals a group of men for whom spiritual connection, openness and understanding are the true definition of masculinity. This sexy, smart documentary dares to ask - Is there a Kink Crusader in us all?

Running Time: 74 minutes, Unrated

Watch the Trailer here.

Birch North Park Theatre
2891 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

Tickets: $10.00 each. You can pre-order them here.

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  1. An EXCELLENT film - I already own the DVD. I hope you get a great turnout!