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Monday, July 9, 2012

New FMSD Monthly Event: Planning the Future

Second Wednesday of each month.

Gay FetishMen, specifically, are encouraged to participate. Why? Because our community was decimated, years ago. This phase is our time to come back and rebuild what we used to have. We will turn no one away, but we are going to be focused on the special needs of kinky gay males.

We're growing faster than any other group of gay kinky males on earth. So, what do we do about it?  This is where YOU come in.

Our effectiveness has come from Crowdsourcing. Yes, I've provided the overall vision that sets the theme, but the real magic has come from everybody pitching in with their best ideas and efforts, making every event a success that we can all take ownership of.

As the founder of the group, I've got all sorts of assets. I'm a visionary kind of guy - I'm most comfortable with the Big Picture. However, I stink at details, focus and adhering to previous plans. I like to wing it, but we're now past the limits of my ability to wing it.

If we are going to have a bright, effective future, we will need to include much more leadership, ideas and energy than Kindly and Easily Confused Old Grandpa Tony can provide. We have dozens of bright, effective, honorable, lovable, respectable and majestic men in our community who have a fire in their bellies that makes them want more than what they are seeing in the community. FMSD is a perfect environment to encourage and nurture such talents.

So, now we are formalizing the process:

- Come share your feedback, ideas, and your own visions for where we need to be. 

- We will talk about problems that we see, but with the emphasis on transitioning from Complaint Mode into Solutions Mode. 

- We will swarm over each idea, offering feedback, help, and suggestions on how the idea can grow and succeed.

- We will plan solid, detailed events that fill even more of our Tribe's needs.

- We won't have any need to arm-wrestle over turf, because there is plenty enough glory, respect and love for everybody. We don't have to fight over tiny pieces of pie, because the pie is growing really big, really quickly.

We have arrived at a unique place in our community's history.  Where we go from here can involve YOU, and what makes you special. Just show up, and show us what ya got!

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