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Thursday, July 26, 2012

RIP Boy Ron

Note from Tony: Here is a great article from Zenger's Newsmagazine that includes a picture of boy ron.

From: Mr. San Diego Eagle 2008 Mike Little, boy ron's Daddy for years:

After a day filled with loving friends and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence I laid down early this morning and wrapped My arms around My Boy and Partner for what I knew deep in My heart would be the final time. At 5:45 am Pacific Time, with Our good friends Cory and Kaiden, Our animal companions Daisy Dukes, Lila Mae, and Mr. Mouse present  I felt Mama's Boy Ron, Crown Prince Ron Hardin, Founders Member of San Diego Leatherboys, VP San Diego Boys of Leather, Knight of Leather 2006, "MY Baby Boy" slide from My Arms and on to his Higher Power's Arms with bravery and dignity. I am grateful for the 8 years I was able to share in his life and for being able to be here as he passed to his next journey, My life has been forever enriched for having known Boy Ron and will be forever changed in sharing his passage and missing him  - he left us peacefully, reminding us that "Boys Rule and Daddy's Drool", and surrounded in warmth, love, Old School, and in his leather (his final choosing)! Daddy's going to miss you Baby Boy, Thank You for sharing Your Time with Me, Now find Madame Wong, grab all those cute angel boys, and Keep On Dancin and Your Star Shining Bright!

YOUR Daddy
Mama's Mr. Mike
2012 Knight to the 40th Elected Emperor of All San Diego, The Obsidian Double Eagle Emperor, T. Brian Dickerson
IML Classes 2009 & 2010
2010 Minister of Leather to the 28th Reign of The Imperial Court de San Diego
Mr. San Diego Eagle 2008

I only put it all down because I probably would not have attempted any one of them without his boyish nagging ... errr.. I mean input and he was really proud of it! Those are his accomplishments as much as they are Mine ;)!

 << Please note: A memorial blog link will follow soon >>

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