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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pride 2012 Military Turnout

Note from Tony: Spanky is not some random Uniform Queen that happens to get a stiffy from dressing up in nice gear, he's the Real Thing, and this is his JOB.  He gets to be proud and open, without fear.  That's the new standard, and we are never going to go back.

From Spanky: 

I was in my dress blues, as one of two male senior officers representing the US Marine Corps. As we were staging, the Assistant Secretary of Defense telephoned to make sure that everything was going well. I got rather dehydrated myself in my blues. I went full dress, as it was such a historic occasion. 

The other senior officer there was also in full dress uniform. I think we made a good showing.

This one was taken after the parade, showing all the Marines in the parade. 

Here is an article from the Union Tribune on the topic. Don't miss the slide show, showing the moment when a senior chief proposed marriage. 

Also, here is a great article, with video.

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