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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pictionary at #1 5th Avenue

Note from Tony: This is an amiable, relaxed and fun gathering that I wish didn't collide on the calendar with FMSD's Men's Discussions every week.  I strongly recommend it as a way to contribute to charity, build new friendships and (in my case) release the KILLER PICTIONARY instinct!

tiger's Pictionary is held every Wednesday from 7:30pm to 10pm on the back patio of Number One Fifth Avenue, at 3845 5th Ave.

As of December 5th, tiger's Pictionary Wednesdays passed the $2000 mark for funds raised for the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their charities. Over $5000 has been donated to organizations like Mama's Kitchen, Special Delivery, San Diego Youth Services, the Womens Resource Center, Storefront, Being Alive, AIDSWalk, the list goes on.

Local businesses continue to donate amazing raffle items, and the crowd continues to grow. Beginning this month, clubs, businesses and organizations can fly their banners each Wednesday for a suggested cash donation of $50, or all Wednesday nights for a month for a $100 suggested cash donation.

Also beginning in December, funds raised on the 2nd Wednesday of each month will be donated to San Diego Leather Pride. Please contact tiger, Ms San Diego Leather 2010, at tigerboisd for more information.

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