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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update: Wednesday Dec. 12

The Planning Committee Meetings for December 12, 19 and 26 (along with the Men's Discussion for December 26) have been canceled for the holidays. Let's take a well-earned break!

2013 is going to be HUGE, with exciting, big and transformative events in San Diego's Tribe. A lot of people are going to be very surprised.  This will NOT be a warmed-up version of 2012, 1996, 1977, 2008 or any other year.  Let's all show up refreshed and ready to make magic happen!

On Wednesday Dec. 12, the topic of the Men's Discussion will be "What is a Man?", moderated by our own Jeremy.  I will not be attending, because I will be working directly on some of those plans that I hinted about in the previous paragraph.

I can't wait for what's next!

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