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Friday, December 28, 2012

Upcoming Events

I'm taking it easy this week, spending a lot of time with family. I'm still in vacation-mode, so I will be meandering as I write:

I WILL be at the Eagle this Friday for Dress It Up (Gear Night).  I expect a big turnout.

Years ago, when I first started up the Dress It Up/Strip It Down event, I knew we needed to GEAR UP on an ongoing basis in San Diego. A few decades of being devastated by AIDS had left our community fractured, scattered and lacking in visibility. I knew that if we could increase the number of men in fetishgear, we would attract more and more as time went by.

Well, it worked, and really well. Men in gear are TRENDY. Every single leather crafter in town is CONTINUOUSLY busy making custom harnesses, belts, vests, chaps, pants and shirts like I haven't seen in twenty or so years. Steve at Moose Leather, Mark at Hard Labor Leather, Anthony at Leaher Love, and a bunch more, with backlogs stretching out for months. That is a clear sign of a thriving Tribal Culture.

Steve and Mark had to retire from the leather crafting biz for a long time, because nobody wanted to be the ONLY guy in gear at a bar.  Now that we're 100% back, these fine men are cranking away and doing those up-close, extremely personal custom-fittings. Can't get THAT over the Internet!

My new, custom chaps are in the final stages, after three fittings so far. I have freakishly thick, strong legs, and a butt to match, and Steve said that the leather to make one leg is enough to make a cape. Watch for the public debut of my chaps soon. I won International Mr. Cheeks 'n Chaps 1998 for a REASON, and it will be on full display, sometime soon. The only problem with wearing chaps in public is, I'm so tall that the cheeks are right up high for anybody to see. My butt does NOT point towards Hell, and it makes a handy shelf for men to store their beer-mugs upon while I'm standing at the bar. Some little twinkie-thing will spot me, and offer to spank my ass. My reply is always "You're welcome to TRY". That tends to end it. I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

Nowadays, you can attend monthly events like Dress It Up, Uniform Night and Underwear Night at San Diego's only Leather Bar that always, always include lots of ferociously masculine men in gear of all types. You never know when somebody's going to break out the flogger and start pleasing a continuous conga-line of men looking for a good time. It's the Real Thing.

Our cultural highlights are now the default, instead of rare and discouraging, as things were for too many years. We are BACK, baby!

For a long time, we were considered "outcasts" - Bad examples of the gay men's community, who were discouraged from dressing too alarmingly, for the sake of the children or something. It never made sense to me. Kink and fetish are just Extreme Intimacy, and we just don't have any shame about it any more. We see from the Internet that we are NOT isolated freaks.  We're really great guys, with strong passions!

In 2013 and beyond, our numbers are continuously rising, and the general community is seeing us as fine, powerful and cooperative men who are getting massively good things accomplished. This is a completely new paradigm-shift.

The HUGE fundraiser a few weeks back was a way for a LOT of people outside the Leather/Fetish Community to see that we were the ones having the most fun, with a relaxed camaraderie that they had never seen before in such a mass of geared-up men.  Our gear identified us as brothers.  Our omnipresence at that huge hall opened a lot of eyes, and gave everyone there the news that our culture has shifted into a new, happier phase. We are setting the tone, and it's a really good one.

I was astonished to find out that this last Saturday's Underwear Night was a smash hit, with a line outside, and 6 or 7 contestants!  Very high energy-level, too. I expected a low turnout due to the holidays. Must have been a LOT of out-of-town guests in the mood to get away from the family for the night. Too bad I was Christmas Caroling with my family near Magic Mountain. I get a little wild in a crowd of men in a leather bar.

WednesdayJanuary 2nd: Planning Committee for 2013

I've written about this before - If you care about a stronger, more-cohesive and joyful Tribe in San Diego, then this is the event that you won't want to miss. This is where we try to out-do each other with bigger, bolder ideas for what we can accomplish together, building upon our massive numbers, strong team and proven track-record.

No small dreams!

Let Them Eat Cake – Mr San Diego Leather 2012 – Aaron Duke’s Birthday Celebration

Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 4-7PM, 
at Babycakes, at 3766 Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest.

Please join Mr San Diego Leather 2012- Aaron Duke to celebrate his 33rd birthday.  This is a casual social event.  The bar is always open and food available for purchase.  We will celebrate Aaron’s birthday with cupcakes provided from Babycakes.  All are welcomed for an afternoon event.  Our brothers from LA will be in town and at this event.  They would love to meet you all and see why our community is so wonderful in San Diego.  They will also be joining us for LL Bear at Rich’s before presenting the Titleholder Boot Camp on Sunday.

Titleholder Boot Camp

January 20, 2012 from 11AM – 6PM at the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way.
Please bring $5 cash to cover the cost of lunch.

Have you been thinking about running for the title of Mr. San Diego Eagle or Mr. San Diego Leather in 2013?  Here is your opportunity to learn what you need to do to prepare for the contest, what happens at the contest, and what you can expect after you win the title.  The LA Band of Brothers in conjunction with Mr San Diego Leather  2012 – Aaron Duke and Mr San Diego Eagle 2012 – Eli Correa will put on a one day event here in San Diego to help guide you on your path to the competition stage.  

This event is put on in LA every year by the LA Band of Brothers, and we are fortunate that they are coming to share with us.  Even if you are not ready to take the plunge and run for a title, this is a great education opportunity for you to learn about the title system, understand what the judges are looking for, and what titleholders' responsibilities are to their community.

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