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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review of STUD Night, December 2012

I had a WONDERFUL time last night!

Again, it was one of the very worst nights, schedule-wise, for any kind of event.  Everybody heading out of town for the holidays. Zillions of schedule-conflicts.

However, it all came together like clockwork:

- Rik Jammer (in the yellow jock and waders) was fully ready to open up, share from his experience, and amuse us all with fun stories from his career in the adult-film industry.  He was entertaining, witty, warm and he clearly knew what he was talking about. If you were there, you were ENTERTAINED.

- Our own Preston Steel (in the yellow shirt) had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he interviewed Rik. He only needed to use the slightest cocked-eyebrow stink-eye to get us all back to respectful attentiveness, the one time that he needed to. He had everybody's respect, and he lent that to our special guest. The evening flowed beautifully.

- Our brothers who showed up were my favorite part. I was there to photograph, but I took some time to look over the crowd. I know the vast majority of you pervs pretty well, and I know for a fact that you can be quite a bunch or raunchy rowdies when you cut loose. However, you went into a calm, attentive space when we had a true, deeply experienced kinkster onstage, with some great stories to tell. When it was time for applause, nobody held back. Even when a couple of really drunk guys had something loud to say, it was in SUPPORT of what was going on. Wonderful audience participation, as opposed to the Law of the Jungle.

You guys provided a generous, solidly Tribal gathering with a strong sense of community. For what it is worth, I am very proud of you for taking such good care of my dear friend Rik.  You made a difference. This is another high point in our history. It's easy to gather evidence that we are growing in all of the right ways, together as brothers. We are going from strength to strength, and 2013 is going to be incredible.

I spoke to Rik afterward, and he was very gratified.  He has done similar events in other cities, and they did not go nearly so well.  He told me of indifference, lack of cohesion, and rudeness when he wanted to share his stories onstage, in years past. That's not our style.

Once again, San Diego has shown what makes us so special, friendly and powerfully connected to each other. Men from other cities (such as Vince, the handsome man from Seattle in the leather jacket) have been hearing very good news about our town. He got to see the proof of our brotherhood last night!

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