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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance, which contains news about ALL known upcoming events.

I urge everybody to attend this Friday's Holiday Interclub Party. It's a fun gathering that has improved with more and more of our brothers showing up to be fine representatives of our Tribe.  I WAS planning to invite everybody to help me celebrate my 57th birthday on Friday at this event, but I was thoroughly surprised at the Wednesday night's Men's Discussion.  Ah, well. Let's celebrate the holidays, then!

The big news this last week was the Meatball Turkey Day Dinner (reviewed here). This huge annual benefit featured an astonishingly effective team of leaders, a massive squad of hyper-dedicated volunteers, a thoroughly A-level array of entertainers, and a completely full house of attendees, ending up in a BIG pile of cash being handed over to the Center for its Senior Services program. Everybody wins, everybody is covered in glory, and San Diego's Tribe shows what it is always about: loving, cooperative community with a big, big heart.


Mr. SD Eagle 2012 Eli is moving on Thursday, December 13th, around 9am. He could use some help loading and unloading in the move to his new apartment. For those who have time to help, Eli would be willing to get pizza or something for your trouble. You can email him at or text him at (909) 724-9480.


The first one was great, and I learned a lot. What a truly nice group of folks! Now, practice sessions are scheduled to show up on the first Saturday some months, and the first Sunday on others. Details here. I believe that I have it all handled on the calendar.


On Thursday, Jan 10th, Boy Kevin will be hosting Red Hanky Night at the Eagle starting at 10PM.
He has asked me to stop by and do a special Flogging Demonstration. I will be bringing my highly-expert brother Tops as well. My usual pattern is to keep going and going and going, so if this works for you, feel free to step right up and ask for your turn!


From Aaron:
Sunday, December 9, 5-11pm at Numbers. Leather and Lace - The Holiday Edition benefiting Special Delivery. We have five amazing entertainers, five sexy daddies with incredible auction items, and naughty photos with Santa, Ms. Claus, and the naughty elves. I just bought my holiday underwear. If you want to see me in them, come on out!


From Ian:

Hello Fetishmen San Diego! I am so proud to see how we have become a support system for our own community and now I want us to share the best in us with San Diego as a whole. It is in this effort that I am proposing the Fetishmen San Diego Volunteer Corps; a ready group of men that are engaged in improving both the Fetish/Leather community and causes that affect our fellow San Diegans. For a January project, I would like to propose an outing to Advancing Compassion's "Food 4 Kids" backpack program on January 10, 2013. 

In concert with the San Diego Food Bank, these packs are given to schools that have identified youth that suffer from malnutrition. For many of these kids, the only full meal they receive is their school lunch. Once identified, the students are discreetly given packs which contain items like oatmeal, peanut butter, granola bars and canned soups which help they and their families get through the weekend. 

I believe that the next step in our evolution is to be out in the world, dispelling that myth that our kinky community is only about some hedonistic pleasure trip - rather we are a richly diverse, highly intelligent and sensitive tribe that represents the best in humanity. The spots are limited so, if interested or if you have questions, please email me at iandanielsmusic@ and I will get you on the list!

My brothers (and sisters), I look forward to this new adventure!

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