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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance, which contains news about ALL known upcoming events.

This is a quiet time of year, with not much going on, due to the holiday season.  Its nice to have a break from all of the powerful, majestic stuff for a week or so. I will be out of town for my family's 44th annual Christmas Caroling in the San Fernando Valley (where I grew up). Since 1968, I've transitioned from being a tenor (actually, more of a nine-and-a-halfer, but hey - Everybody exaggerates!) to a baritone. Every year, the family beg for my showstopper version of O Holy Night.  I can STILL hit the highest notes, baby!

It's time for us all to ponder, set some goals, and gather our ideas together for January 2nd:

Pushing the Envelope

6PM, Wed. Jan. 2. Everyone is invited to come and share your ideas for 2013 events, without judgment or indifference. The request has multiple parts, so be ready when we ask:
- What do you think should happen in the near (or far) future, to build even better Tribe and brotherhood?
- What are you willing to do, to make that dream come true?
- How can we all help you along the way?
 FMSD now has such a huge, unified crew of great guys, we can now easily and serenely set some new, surprising and breakthrough goals. Our community's greatest strength has been our willingness to be affectionate, supportive and cooperative, on a massive and ongoing scale. We don't have to settle for the Same Old Thing like we did in the old days, due to a lack of viable options. Collectively, we now have the power to make ANYTHING happen, so let's play with that. Let's bust loose and think really big!

Men's Discussion: Pictionary Field-Trip Tonight

7PM, Wed. Dec. 19. Number One Fifth Avenue, at 3845 5th Ave.

In a sudden, arbitrary shift, the men of the weekly Men's Discussions will be meeting for fun to play games on the patio at Number One Fifth Avenue (I worked there as a door-guard in 1980!).  It raises money for charity, I hear it's a hoot, and I plan to be there to cheer others on. It's playful, and a great bonding-experience. Our group's discussions have been going really, really deep and passionately heartfelt for a few weeks now, so it's time to switch-up: Let's get silly and fun!

This Friday the 21st: STUD Party
This is a re-post from last week - What else can I say?

Rik Jammer is coming to San Diego, to be our featured guest at the Eagle on Friday, December 21, starting at 10:30PM.

My personal note:  He is a fine man, a dear friend, a successful businessman, and the closest thing to the "Papa Tony of Palm Springs" that I know of. He started Desert Fetish Authority (DFA), which is FMSD's brother club in the desert area. That group is now taking off like a rocket, going in radically new directions with a young, energized team.

He is sexy as hell, funny and warm, and I predict that he will be one of the more popular men featured during the second year of STUD Night. The best thing about him is that he is deeply wise - He has hosted MAJOR, annual pig parties that attract men from all over the world, he has been in many porn flicks, he has lived four or five lifetimes compared to most people, and yet he is always a true mensch. No wonder he is so widely loved and respected. He's not just some plastic jack-off fantasy creature - He personifies history in the making, and he's just getting started!

Recent Article:

The First 900 Days/HARNESS Review. I know I tend to get excited, but I have never faked my feelings for even an instant...

Intriguing New Major Movie Coming Up

I'm hearing a lot about the new Gus Van Zant film. In November of 2011, a big, festive crowd of leathermen showed up for the FilmOut San Diego showing of the movie CRUISING, featuring Al Pacino. It was a BIG topic of discussion beforehand, and we had a very nice turnout. Everybody had a great time, and it provided an honest glimpse into what life was REALLY like in the hardcore leather scene in New York around 1979.

Now, director Gus Van Sant is going much, much farther, reconstructing the parts of the movie that we were never allowed to see. It's a fascinating premise, and the buzz is pretty strong. Check out the movie trailer and see what you think!

DRUMMER Magazine Covers, 1975-1999

As long as we are reclaiming our cultural heritage, I saw this recently. It is promising more than it delivers, though - only seven are functional, at least as of today:

Free Holiday Fun from DRUMMER MAGAZINE! SEE EVERY DRUMMER COVER (all 214 covers) from 1975-1999. Plus historic notes. Cheers, Jack Fritscher, founding San Francisco editor in chief.

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