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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hands-On Demos at the Eagle

First and Third Tuesday of each month, 7PM onward, at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way.
ALL experience-levels are welcome. In fact, these events are always affectionately biased toward helping beginners learn and grow. Really. Come check us out, and see for yourself!

The purpose of these twice-monthly events is to practice various kinky, non-sexual play-techniques with a trusted group of brothers who like each other, and support each other in growth and happiness.

There are some things you simply can't learn from the Internet. That guy on the YouTube video can be very informative, but he can't be there with you to say:
- "If you keep doing it that way, you're going to hurt your wrist - Let me show you a different way that is less stressful."
- "For the length of your forearm, THIS length of flogger will work better."
- "Actually, you might want to avoid hitting that area... The skin is thin, and you might hit bone. Let me show you what I like to do in that same circumstance."
Human beings are basically Pack Apes - We learn best by observation and practice in group situations. Learning from a book, or a Wikipedia page just isn't the same.

Worst of all, we do NOT want to learn from porn. Porn's intent is to titillate, and definitely NOT to teach. Teaching doesn't get the audience off. So, you never get to see the preparation, the aftercare, the flow of actual, useful and deeply intimate information passing in a Power Flow between the players. That CAN'T show up on even the highest-definition camera hardware. Porn just shows, basically, THUD-OW-YIKES. Not much useful to imitate there.

Human beings are currently drowning in Internet information, but what we need is WISDOM, from somebody who gives a damn about our success and happiness.

So, we meet together, locally, in brotherhood. There is always somebody on duty to make sure that things are safe, welcoming and on the right track, so that newbies can relax and try something that they have always fantasized about, and experienced players can work on advanced techniques with actual human beings, rather than, say, practicing rope-bondage on chair-legs.

Clearly, a bar is not the optimum environment. It's noisy, for one thing, and there is a separate collection of men on the other side of the bar, with a different agenda that doesn't want to mix with our group. However, until somebody comes up with a better suggestion, then this is where we will be practicing.

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