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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upcoming Events: Mr. SD Eagle 2013 Weekend

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance, which contains news about ALL known upcoming events.

This is a MINIMAL version of the newsletter. For some reason, my business is kicking in HARD, so I gotta make money while it is flying past me. I'm strapped for time, so I will be brief.

The Calendar Is Going To Be Shifting Around For A While

We have gone from nearly ZERO events three years ago, to sometimes as many as nine events in a single week these days. This is a sign of a very healthy community, and… Sometimes it's just a bit much. So, there will be an ongoing discussion about prioritizing the calendar so that the events that occur are highly attractive, and easy to attend without conflicts, if possible. I welcome your suggestions.

For example: I have dropped the Beat & Greets in favor of the twice-monthly Hands-On Demos at the Eagle. No, a bar is not an optimum environment for such an event (it's noisy, for one thing), but until somebody comes up with a better suggestion, then that is where teaching and bonding as brothers will occur.

Thursday's Dinner

The big, social-event dinner in Ocean Beach (see below) is the sort of event where you will meet up with the very finest folks in town… The ones that you normally don't get to see in public very often. 

I strongly recommend attending - It's a great kick-off for the weekend's events, and it's a socially-significant celebration of one of our culture's solid bedrock traditions and high-quality resources.

Russ says: If someone you know wants to go, but is cash strapped, please let them know that it can be worked out.  I believe in the leatherman's creed in trust and honor.  We will certainly work to include everyone that wants to go.
Recent Articles:

Hands-On Demos at the Eagle - Educational, practical and FUN!

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, Feb. 14, 6PMLeather Journal 25 Year Recognition Dinner at Village Kitchen at 4853 Newport Ave, in honor of the crew at the premier West Coast leatherfolk's publication.

Friday, Feb. 15, 9PMMr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Meet and Greet, at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. The four contestants will be selling raffle-tickets. Be generous!

Saturday, Feb. 16, 8PMMr. SD Eagle 2013 Contest at the Eagle. It's going to be zany-crazy-packed, just like last year and the year before!

Tuesday, February 19, 7PMHands-On Demos at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 7PMMen's Discussion. Get there an hour early if you really want to be a big part of what is coming up very soon.  Yes, I'm being vague on purpose.  More news as it comes through.

Feb 22-24West Coast Rubber 2013 in Palm Springs

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2011 Kane's Request
Note from Tony: Kane is running for International Mr. Leather 2013 in May, and he would like to have somebody help him wrangle his gear, arrange his schedule and be of good cheer when he needs it. I would do it, but my budget simply isn't allowing me the luxury.

Kane says: Does anyone have some suggestions for a handler for IML? I am running out of options. Mike Russell, Tom Dickerson, Anthony Rollar, Anthony Ovaldson, and Miles are all unable to do it. Thank you.

UPDATE: We have a volunteer!

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