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Friday, February 22, 2013

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance, which contains news about ALL known upcoming events.

It's All Good News

Things are going really, really great. I am feeling contented, and I've never seen Sir Nicholas (the owner of the Eagle) and his crew look so happy. Lots of love and hugs coming to them, and brotherhood is everywhere. Looks like you guys are stuck with me (and the Eagle) for a long time! I'm still getting feedback, so I will post all of that later on.

Review of the Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Contest Weekend: Congratulations to Robb Rodd, who is our new Mr. San Diego Eagle for 2013. I've done a BIG write-up, with lots of pictures.


Last time we had a Movie Night, August 2012.

Midnight, Saturday, June 1, at the Birch North Park Theater, at 2891 University Ave.

This is extraordinary, specific to our local Tribe, and amazingly wonderful. We are getting a special, just-for-us screening of Gus Van Zant's new movie about the lost "pornographic" forty minutes of the 1980 film CRUISING. I am SO excited!  This will be our third movie night, and I don't see a single problem with filling EVERY SEAT, based on how our Tribe has been going.

Tell your friends, gear UP if you've got it, and get there a bit early - We'll DEFINITELY be doing another special set of surrounding circumstances to make this EXTRA SPICY!

Hands-On Demos at the Eagle

Wise, experienced Ray teaches a new generation.

On the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7PM. At the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way.

We have hands-on lessons and practice-sessions for flogging, paddling, bondage, and various other forms of play. Beginners are particularly welcome.  Learning exclusively from YouTube simply isn't the same as hearing from somebody who likes you, and wants you to do well. This is a friendly crew, and we have had nothing but fun!

The newsletter is late again - I'm glad to say that it's because I'm making good money again. FINALLY. I was making around $300 a month for three months. Just one of those slow parts of the cycle. After nearly exactly 33 years working for myself (as of mid-March), I know how things fluctuate, but it doesn't make the dry periods any easier.

Here is a nice shopping tip for a gift for those guys that we ALL know, and for whom we would like for it to be true. I've got a few twenties that could go to VERY good use, and right away!


Friday, February 22nd, 9PM at the Eagle: Dress It Up/Strip It DownGEAR NIGHT!

If you're up in the Los Angeles area this weekend, the annual Mr. Bullet Leather 2013 Contest is on Saturday…

And, if you're in Palm Springs, we have the West Coast Rubber 2013 weekend already in progress...

Saturday, February 23rd, 10PM at the Eagle: Underwear Party and Contest, hosted by our own new Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Robb Rodd!

NEXT WEEKEND, on Saturday: BearNight Dance at Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd.

Here is the newest information...

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