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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance, which contains news about ALL known upcoming events.

Recent Articles:

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Contest Weekend - ALL details, including contestants, judges, events and locations. After Friday's Meet and Greet, it's a raunchy STUD night party at the Eagle!

Calling for a Ten-Year Time-Out on Olde Guarde - And I mean it, too.

Review of Titleholder Appreciation Social, February 2, 2013. Love, approval, continuity.

Review of Inter-City Gear Night, Feb. 2, 2013
Saturday's big Gear Night at the Eagle.
This is about a quarter of the guys who showed up during the course of the evening. 
How do I know? I asked for the door-count, afterward.

Upcoming Events

Friday, February 8, 10pm: HARNESS Party. No, you don't have to OWN a harness. Just be friendly and super-sociable with some superb new friends. I write about it here.

Saturday, February 9, 9pm: Uniform Night at the Eagle.

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 7-9PM, Men's Discussions - This one is hosted by Jeremy, since I will be enjoying our annual one-day-early Valentine's dinner with my sweetie!

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Contest Weekend (details here)

Thursday, February 14, 6-10PM: Leather Journal 25th Anniversary Dinner, at Village Kitchen at 4853 Newport Ave.

• Friday, February 15th, 9PM: Contestant Meet and Greet at the Eagleat 3040 North Park Way. This will be followed shortly at 10:30PM by STUD NIGHT featuring Jeremy Stevens.

• Saturday, February 16th, 10AM: Judge/Contestant Interviews at the Wednesday Club at 540 Ivy Lane in Hillcrest.

• Saturday, February 16th, 8PM: Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Contest at the Eagleat 3040 North Park Way.

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