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Friday, February 1, 2013

Harness Party, February 8th

Note from Tony: This is important. 

These folks are NOT stoned or drunk.

If you have never attended this event, you need to do so.  It is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a tiresome, drug-riddled "Circuit Party," with an ambulance outside the door, waiting for overdoses.  I have attended exactly one Circuit Party in 1998, and that was much more than enough.

Look closely at the folks on this list:

CubClub's THE PACK

These sponsors are all people and businesses that I respect deeply, as friends, but more importantly, as EFFECTIVE LEADERS. If something powerful, innovative, satisfying and FUN happens, these are the guys right in the middle of it.  This is teamwork that makes life better for our community. You can always, always trust the result of their actions.

This time around, the featured host is our own Mr. San Diego Leather 2010 Anthony Rollar. I've been part of San Diego's Leather Tribe since 1977 - it will be 36 years in March. Of all the leathermen that I know in San Diego in 2013, I think that he would have fit in very nicely in 1979's peak period for leathermen. He's a classy, respectable man who is constantly working on personal growth and actively gathering wisdom.

And then sharing it.  

His arc of personal and community progress are exactly how we were, when we were at our very best, back then.  Let's show up and swarm him with love!

Cub Club SD presents HARNESS.....LEATHER LOVE with Anthony Rollar
By Ned Cato Jr, Anthony Rollar and Dangilo Brian Bonilla

Every 2nd Friday, Cub Club and Numb3rs Nightclub will present HARNESS, a NEW monthly Leather/Gear event...You are always welcome to come out as you are, but LEATHER GEAR is encouraged, the least you can do is THROW ON A HARNESS!

This month's HOST is the INCREDIBLE ANTHONY ROLLAR (Mr. San Diego Leather 2010) in house, "with Leather Love". Anthony is the MAN who turns up the INTENSITY at our BELT events. So this month expect the dial turned to 100! Fetish Demos....Leather Fetish gogos to TITILLATE your senses....

Boot Black Extraordinaire Spike Tranc (Next month's Host), will be in attendance to shine up your boot to show status.......

Pleasures and Treasures(SPONSOR) will be in the house!

With a rotating roster of kick-ass DJs and leatheratti hosts, we are sure to entice the fuck out of you. This month:

DJ....TBA who will be spinning Dirty House sounds to promote close DANCING and CRUISING


MALE GOGO DANCER AUDITIONS: If YOU or someone you know has a hot face, owns their body, and can dance: SIGN THEM UP! At the next Harness, the PACK will be auditioning MEN of all sorts (Average Joes, Bears, Cubs, Daddies, Sirs, Muscle, Otters, Silver Foxes, Pups, scuffy, Fetish, Military, Athletes, BEEFY etc) We are looking for some guys to help round out our crew. We are looking for a few good MEN who are the life of the party, can hold their own on the dancefloor, don't mind dressing like Sex, have team mentality, and that can dance like a muthafucker. We will be rotating auditioners throughout the night: to help fill our roster for our 2013 Events; that include but are not limited to the following Club Nights: Harness, Belt, Glitter Cub Disko, Geek Week, Heroes Vs. Villians, Haus of Stiel, ZOO at Bourbon Street, BrassRail's Manic Monday, RudeBoy, Haus of Stiel, WTF, and LLBear. Wear shoes/boots you can move in, and briefs/gear that pushes the line but won't get you arrested. (There will be a small changing area for auditioners who don't underdress: CubClub and Numbers will not be held resposible for lost items: so bring a watchful friend or leave the good shit at home) REMEMBER: this is CUBCLUB, we DONT care about a few extra pounds, and Shaving/manscaping is discouraged. Contact Cub Club SD( if you have any other questions...
STRAP UP. BUCKLE UP...and come take a ride.

HARNESS every 2nd Friday of the month at NUMB3RS.



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