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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Intimacy, 9PM This Saturday

DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN with FetishMenSanDiego

Event details here, and here's a picture of some of the 155 men who came to our similar event in July.

9PM and onward, Saturday, October 16, 2010
3040 North Park Way, San Diego,  CA 92104-3626
(619) 295-8072

I like sex.  A lot.  In fact, I recommend it to all of my friends :->

If men come to FetishMen events and hook up there, I'm delighted. It's a great opportunity to use your charm, charisma and your best outfit (or your shirtless flesh) to snag some hot action… as opposed to being judged harshly from a distance, using nothing better than text and pictures on an online profile.

However, that's about five percent of my goal for all FMSD events. The other 95% has to do with what I call Easy Intimacy. Otherwise known as Tribe, as Community, or as Brotherhood. I used to experience it at every leathermen's event in the 1970's. Every FMSD event so far has contained increasing amounts. You guys are getting the hang of this, fast.

As male homosexuals, we're accustomed to using sex as a way to lure men closer, and as a handshake to say howdy. So, we learn how to drop the shields quickly, and get right down to it.  That ability to relax is also our strength as a brotherhood, if we know that it's possible, desirable and necessary. Some of the best times I've shared with other men haven't involved sex at all, but have been as comfy-sweet as puppies in a pile together.

We live in a world that discourages intimacy between men - "That's QUEER!" - "Ewww, they're holding hands!" In the old days, gay leathermen were imprisoned (or far worse) if we were caught being intimate.

In THIS century, we're becoming socially retarded due to Internet isolation. I hear it every day:

"I don't go out much any more".  As if the guy saying it, thinks he's the only one.

Well, welcome to the club, dude - we all vegetate in front of our computers, and we lose our social graces. But wouldn't it be nice if we would all just let go at the same time, show up together, and agree to be relaxed, happy, accepting and joyful, all together in a bunch, as gay fetishmen with a lot more in common than what sets us apart?

THAT is what is happening at FetishMenSanDiego events, more and more. If that's what you want for yourself, then please review Rule Number One for All FMSD Events, and be the kind of man who can smile with every tooth in your head showing at the same time, because you can't help it. Listen to the sound of happy laughter that is a feature of every FMSD event, and join right in.

Hug somebody - It's what we do.  It's getting easier, I promise. The focus is getting sharper, and the promise is coming true, more and more.

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