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Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming Events for Gay FetishMen

(Note from Papa Tony - Please forward this to your buddies who don't know that San Diego's gay-male leather/rubber/uniform/fetish community is doing great, with fun events every month to promote brotherhood. Spread the word as far as you can, preferably with a personal note to let 'em know that this is the real deal, not some sort of scam.  Thanks!)

All events listed below are purely social. They are also ultra-beyond-friendly, particularly for newbies to the group:

- Puppy Night is at the Eagle at 9PM on Wednesday, October 7, hosted by San Diego Puppy Patrol.

Cigars, Boots & Beer, 5pm @ Redwing on the first Sunday of every month.

- The next Dress Code Night is coming again to the Eagle, on Saturday, Oct. 16 at 9PM, with the newer, looser dress code: if you're not going to dress up fancy, you have to strip down and make the rest of us happy!

- Starting on Sunday, Nov. 28, FETISHMEN TEA DANCE will be at the Flame on the fourth Sunday of every month from 4PM to 8PM. The first one is going to be huge, and folks will be talking about its unique and very, very powerful theme for years to come. You will be mad at yourself if you miss it. Seriously.

- The MENTORING workshop hosted by SDLOG will be at 7PM on Friday, November 5.

Palm Springs Leather Pride is always on the second weekend in November. There is a group of San Diego men who will be attending together, sharing travel and lodging.

- I'm starting to solidify plans for a Rubber event

- I'm waiting for the weather to be consistently cooler so that we can schedule a Fetishmen Dinner out on the patio at DiMille's. It'll be inexpensive, high-quality and fun!

For lots more detailed information, join up with us online, using the links below. There are currently eight ways to follow us online.

The email list is growing rapidly, but it needs to be much, much bigger. The last time I created a list like this one, we had a little over 3,000 men on the list (the "PT-List"… Some of you might remember it from a decade ago). 

The numbers matter. A lot.

Our community has been fractured. We don't read the gay rags any more, and we don't congregate at the same places any more, so nobody knows about events before they happen. If you want to see bigger crowds of like-minded, sociable and satisfied men, then, please reach out to your friends and invite them to join the FetishMenSanDiego email list, or follow us in many other ways.

Just ask, and I'll add folks myself. Or, use the links below. Our message archives are online for your inspection, so that you can see that this is for real.

In return, you have my promise that you (and they) will never get any spam as a result… Not from me, and not from anybody else (it will always be a private list). You'll only receive useful information that you'll be glad to see. If you're not happy, then just unsubscribe with one click, and no hard feelings.

I've been part of the kink & fetish Tribe since 1977. I'm a rare creature, because I remember how things used to be, when our community was at its best and on the rise. All FMSD events are designed to bring back that vibe, over and over, as a series of safe, welcoming spaces where  men can have a thoroughly satisfying time, and go home feeling good about what happened. Years after my Rampart dance parties at Shooterz, I still get stopped in the parking lot, or at the bank, by men who rave about the joyful times they experienced at Rampart. I miss those days as much as they do, so FMSD is the new way to accomplish that.

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