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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Membership Drive; Please forward this message

A while ago, I promised that I would send out a message that is designed to be forwarded to all of your friends who want a thriving community of gay males of leather, uniform, rubber, and fetishwear in San Diego.

Now that we have had three and a half months of successful events, it's time to tell your friends, so please pass this along widely:

- - - - 

FetishMenSanDiego (FMSD) is a non-commercial, new-style affinity-group with no dues, by-laws, elections or planning committees. Basically, folks join up, and get the news about upcoming events through email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter or several other online methods. See the bottom of this message for links.

Then, everybody shows up and has a great time.  That's it!

The PURPOSE of the group is to promote brotherhood, friendship and Tribe, rather than isolation and social deprivation caused by being stuck in front of our computers every day. It's a way to bring back what our community used to have, before so much fell apart when so many of us died.

It's working. Really, really well.

Read this article, and imagine yourself in the middle of it all. 196 guys showed up, and they were all delighted. No "A-List" having fun, while everybody else sort of infests the place in lonely isolation. No cliques having a snappy time, while shy newbies bounce off of the insiders' indifference.

Anybody who has attended our events in person can tell you the same thing - The level of friendliness, joy and comfortability is way beyond what has been available for years in San Diego. Our numbers are growing every single day, because we keep our promises, week after week, and month after month.

If you follow us online, you'll learn about:

- Upcoming FMSD social events, BEFORE they happen, rather than hearing about them afterward from your friends.

- Other events that would be of interest to our crowd, such as Palm Springs Leather Pride in November.

- Local businesses that gladly welcome fetishmen and cater to our needs. No financial connection exists between FMSD and ANY business, anywhere.

What you WON'T get is spam, ever. All lists are kept private.  Check the Message Archives below this, and see what has been sent out.  It's all there for your inspection.

We want every age, every body-style, every color, and every experience-level. The only group that we discriminate against is grumpy people!

         ****  There are many ways to follow FetishMenSanDiego online:   ****

            Facebook   *   Twitter    *   Recon   *   Message Archives   *   FetLife
                  Calendar    *   RSS Feed    *   Website   *   Yahoo Email List 

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