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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reviews of Our DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN Events

January 2011:

From: Papa Tony

Last night's Dress It Up/Strip It Down event at the Eagle was exactly what I was hoping that it would be - The bar was jammed, the men were friendly and hot, and lots of leather, fetish and flesh were everywhere. The roar of happy noise was continuous.

Now, THAT's my idea of a leather bar!

We got 46 new members for the group, among hundreds of men swarming in and out of the place all night. I never got a final count, but it was our biggest event so far, based on how jammed the bar became at its height, and how stressed the bartenders became as the crowd grew.

The door-guard spent a lot of time indoors, helping to clear away empty beverage containers, because the bartenders were super-busy and needed the help.

Josh and Jerry were making sure that everybody was at their ease, and several unannounced volunteers were doing their part to make newcomers feel welcome, too.  That says a lot about their excellent character.

I noticed something different, this time around.  The group has gone through several stages in the last few months, and has arrived at a new one:

- Getting back on our feet as a community... Done.
- Setting up "friendliness" as the new standard... Done.
- Exuberant extroverts getting sassy and frisky, and giving permission for everybody else to get frisky, too...  In process.

This most-recent phase is telling me that we've reached a new comfort-level as a community.  Of course, we have to keep it LEGAL, but I sure like to see so much fun erupting in a crowd of wonderfully hot men.

From: The FunCub

hey bud - just wanted to say thank you for the event last night at the Eagle. It was SO much fun, and I was definitely impressed with everything you said and how inviting everyone there was. Very very excited about future events. 

From: Bob

Possibly the best FMSD event yet.  Definitely was in terms of attendance -- the place was packed with a very friendly crowd.  Lots of new men, too, which was great. The only downside was that conversation was difficult with all the noise.  Not a bad problem, to have, though.

From: Josh

January's Dress it Up/Strip it Down event was very successful. A good time was had by all. Attitude was checked at the door and 99.8% of the crowd was friendly. I encountered only 2 uber doms who gave me that and 'why are U talking to me look...U meer mortal rebuff' and so they only enjoyed about 5 minutes of my chat time and I moved on to the rest who were there to chill out and have some fun so not too bad odds considering the turn out. I would comfortably estimate at about 200+ guys were there. Interesting observations were that a great many of those who showed up stayed for the whole evening, as body heat literally rose in the bar guy's shirts came off in mass, and there was an unusually high amounts of folks who spilled over to the sidewalks outside the bar whether it was to cool off or enjoy a smoke. The bartenders must have been on roller skates that night cause folks got served pretty damn quickly so no one went thirsty 4 sure. It was a proud moment for me personally because I have never Cohosted an event so to see so many guys enjoying themselves and having fun was amazing plus my personal friends also showed up for moral support. Now I feel very inspired to keep the ball rolling so that everytime folks can know that Dress it Up/Strip it Down equals a carefree, no attitude, wear my kink gear or strip it down enjoyable experience.

From: Dan

As a first time person stepping into the gay leather community I just wanted to say that both the Sir that I was test driving and I had a awesome time at the event. I felt not only welcome but desired... We both did.... It was a great feeling and a great evening. I look foreword to continuing my journey into this new world... 

Thanks again for making us feel so welcome. Even if we did threaten your hold on the "Cutest Couple" award!. Looking foreword to coming events... 

From: Lou

 hey Tony... I had a blast last night.  I did not know of the event going in, but glad I was there!  It was a great great time!  Lots of hot men!

From: Stephen K.

Thanks for a great get-together, Tony. I had a great time. Looking forward to the next one... ahhh, the smell of leather! 

From: Miles

Great job last night.  I personally spoke to several new faces and they all enjoyed the night.  Better each time ! 

From: Ray

Last night was the proof that you have put a lot of hard work into the vision and the guys were the pudding; eclectic, loving, sharing, supportive, and hot as hell.

October 2010:

From: Papa Tony

Last night's DRESS IT UP & STRIP IT DOWN event was our most successful gathering ever, on multiple levels. It was the biggest in terms of attendance, but it was also the most intense, in exactly the right way.

I was a little bit nervous, because the invitation I sent out was pretty unusual, and even kind of risky.  I was promising an awful lot.  I needn't have worried - the message of brotherhood is one that seem to be resonating with a lot of people. Anthony (who was on door-guard duty) told me that 196 people showed up. Here are just a few:

...and oh, my - everybody arrived PRIMED to get Tribal, right away. The energy-level remained solid at all times, even at 1:30am, when I finally left. The relaxed body-language of the crowd and the sheer volume of laughing, happy conversation were at optimum levels.

Normally, in a crowded, noisy bar, it's really hard to get the crowd's attention for public announcements and presentations. Usually, it's an escalating war between the chattering patrons and the folks trying to get their attention. Last night, several groups made announcements:

Tom Dickerson and Mike Russell "pinned" two of the newest members of Mama Reinhardt's Leather Family, and
Kurt Wendelborg invited everyone to attend this next Sunday's Leather Fashion Show Benefit for Being Alive at the Center.

When we asked for everybody's attention, the crowd went DEAD SILENT. The entire crowd was totally interested, involved and happy to hear what was being said. Everybody applauded at the right times, seemed to want to know more, and was unbelievably respectful. It was frickin' eerie - You normally never see that much courtesy and good manners from a bunch of drunken, rowdy and horny kinksters!

Snowy and Cobi were on duty, shining up boots with perfect results, as usual. I don't want to take these fine folks for granted, ever - They add so much to our events, by continuing a tradition that has been a part of our community since the very beginning.

Sir Nicholas (the owner of the Eagle) was there last night, and he seemed very happy indeed. Yes, our events are good for business, but he always tells me how wonderful it is to see the Eagle being exactly what it was always meant to be - a gathering-place for our kind of men. He probably digs the Tribal Vibe more than anybody else!

So - please reply to this message and bring me YOUR review of last night's event!

UPDATE: The reviews keep coming in:

From: Sir Tim

Here is my review of last night's event - I totally agree it was a success.
This was my first FMSD event. I was excited and anxious to finally attend. I am fairly shy in large groups where I don't know anyone (and this was one of those occasions). I did reach out and meet a handful of the guys at the event and they were all quite nice. Not one person was unwelcoming or unfriendly. I will be much more relaxed and comfortable at the next event.
I also had my boots done by Cobi. He did an awesome job, of course. And there's nothing like a hot guy working on your boots to cap off what was an otherwise fine evening in its own right. I too left about 1:30 am. I couldn't believe how quickly the time had passed!
Thank you for organizing these events. It was a pleasure to meet you. You are a true gentleman, and I salute you. Long live the Tribe!

From: Al

Al here... we met last night at the eagle.  Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had.  Your friendship and honesty were heartfelt.

I just read your profile.  I TOTALLY understand what you wrote.  I lost all my close friends years ago the same way you did.  It's been a hard road since then - on so many levels.

I look forward to being an active member of the group and very interested in volunteering in any way possible for any of the upcoming events.

From: Ray

It was inspiring to see all the hot fetish men chatting, hugging, mingling, kissing and enjoying themselves and each other. That is not a usual sight in a bar like the Eagle. Most of the time there are small groups of leather guys huddling in corners talking to same three friends all evening, leaving the guys that show up solo for an evening of friendship, by them selves, wishing that they had not come out for the evening.  Last night shattered the mold, broke the rules, and showed everyone that the tribe is alive and gathering new guys each and every time that we get together. It is obvious that the Social Retardation is on it's way out and the celebration of brotherhood is alive and growing.

From: Kevin

I had a great time last night and I gotta give you credit for convincing me to take my shirt off, I got a lot more attention than I anticipated!  Thanks! 

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1 comment:

  1. Hi all my hunny bunnys! I was pretty much the only girl in the bar and I must say it was an absolute Blast!! Everyone was super nice and loving and I know that girls are normally not welcome cuz they're cock blockers but I wasn't about to be that kind of lady.
    I love you all it was so nice to met all of you and play dress up! Thank you for being so welcoming and sometimes clearing the bath room for me! Muah!
    Love and Excelsior!