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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Excellent Leatherwear Crafters, Back in Town

I just had a visit today with Mama Macarena and Leo:

Acropolis Space Center
3200 Highland Ave - Suite 407
National City, CA 91950

I've known them for many years, and I'm glad that they are back in town. If you know and love these wonderful people, you'll be glad to know that Leo is doing fine, and Mama is trimming down very sleekly! 

If you need something modified to fit you perfectly, Leo can do it in a flash, and perfectly. I watched him take a pair of baggy, heavy-material jeans and make them fit perfectly to fit inside tall boots and flatteringly along the full length, with no visible sign of modification, and it happened before I realized. Right after that, he modified a pair of chaps to un-do the crappy job that somebody else had done to them.

I have bought many items that they have crafted, and those items are my most-prized kinky possessions.  They are built for a lifetime of enjoyment.  It's simply not possible for Leo to do less than 100% on any job - He's driven to excellence. When he creates chaps, or a jacket, or any other fetish item from nothing except your ideas and scraps of leather, it's as if the same company that does leather upholstery for Porsche had done the job.  

If you've ever seen men wearing leather kilts in town, it's pretty darned likely that Leo created them. My "Masterpiece Kilt" is one of five made, and I wore it to Folsom Street Fair this last month. A VERY tall Scotsman came up to me and my boy Jerry (who had recently bought the last one) and complimented us on our kilts, saying that he despised the usual fetish kilts he saw in this country, but our Masterpiece Kilts were the first ones he had ever seen that he actually wanted for himself.

If you've seen really, REALLY stylish San Diego fetishmen wearing custom-made gear, I guarantee that they got it from MacLeo. If you see a titleholder vest that is impeccably crafted, MacLeo is the source. We are extremely blessed to have them back in town. No matter how small a job, they can do it perfectly, and no matter how extravagant your budget may be, they can fulfill your goals as well as ANYONE on earth.  

If your goal is to look your very best when you are strutting your stuff, these are the first people to call.

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