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Monday, October 25, 2010

Review and Pictures from Last Night's Leather Fashion Show

Here is my favorite memory from yesterday's Leather Fashion Show Benefit at the Center:

Kurt Wendelborg (standing in the center of this photo) came up to me, clearly delirious with the endorphins of joy.  He was magnificently happy because he had very successfully hosted his very first event, which had come into his hands suddenly, a few weeks before. He had inspired an incredibly dedicated team, and many people stepped forward to donate time and energy for the benefit of Being Alive

Best of all, there was a great big turn-out of highly motivated kinky folks (many of them in their very best fetish gear) to show support. Several of the volunteers were overcome with happiness, telling me "Next year's event is going to be EVEN BIGGER!" With that quality of support, I have no doubt of it.

I don't know if you have ever heard Shann Carr entertain a crowd, but she is justly famous in the gay community for her wit and charming stories that kept us all laughing. She also entertained us with snappy patter while we admired the traditional fetishwear donated by the Crypt, and well-crafted, exotic and new designs by Sasha Lippman.  

Kurt W. was one of the models, and was encouraged by the crowd to ham it up a bit. By the time the entire array of models came out for a final runway strut, the crowd was thoroughly ready to hit the Silent Auction for the final time. Being Alive made a good haul, the folks running the event created a success, the crowd of leatherfolk got to enjoy a superb social event, and everybody went home happy.

Any more reviews out there?  Please reply to this message. and I'll compile them for the online archives.

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