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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Article Archives

From Papa Tony:
Over the last few years as FMSD's founder, I've written any number of articles that cover a wide range of topics (over 550 blog entries, in less than three years, as of April 2013).  I've decided to gather the "keeper" articles together here, in one place, so that they can easily be found:

FMSD-Specific Help and orientation

Gear, Toys, Boots and Garments

New, Inexpensive and SUPERB Toy - The Tommy Tomcat

Travel Tips

Around San Diego


Mar. 2013: How to Be An Effective Top, Part 1Being a Man of the Community. I was speaking one-on-one with a younger man who is earning his Master's cap. We had my willing slave nearby, to act as "training wheels". I chose to record my introductory talk.

Community-Oriented Opinion

Community Cookbook, Part One: Introduction.

Community Cookbook Part Two: Honey Traps.

Community Cookbook Part Three: Boy Scouts, Traffic Cops and the New A-List.

How To Build Real Community in the Internet Age:

Nov. 2012: Part One: The Guiding Philosophy

April 2013: Part Two: Men in Crowds

Audio Archives

Don't forget to also cruise by the constantly-updated Audio Archives page.  They are our biggest success these days, and are listened-to in many, many cities!

More will be posted here as time goes by.

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