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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance
which contains news about ALL known upcoming events. 
Be sure to click on "More Info" to get the best details!

Recent Articles

First Annual FetishMen's Family Reunion in San Diego, May 31 to June 2, 2013. Our biggest event ever.

A few of the men who participated in Palm Springs. Lots more were camera-shy!

Review of the DFA Exploratorium, April 20, 2013 - Mummification and flogging classes in Rancho Mirage.

Review of the FMLA Kickoff Event, April 27, 2013 - BIG turnout, lots of pictures, and a complete success!

Review of Kane's IML Sendoff Party at the Pink Palace, April 28, 2013

Article Archives - I've scoured through over 550 articles from FMSD's past to find the articles that turned out to be the most popular.  This is the first time that they have been gathered in one place… and more will be added to the same page as time goes by.

If you would like to volunteer with the Leather Realm during San Diego Pride, please email me at papatony @, and you will gain all sorts of Papa Points as a result!


Thanks to the wonderful Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron, we get this link passed along: The Wholly Ironic Hanky Code… Ow. Double Ow. And of course, Triple Ow.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 2 (first and third Thursday of each month), 10pm: Yellow Hankie Social Night @ the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way

Saturday, May 4 (first Saturday of each month), 4-7PM: Cigars & Boots at Bourbon Street at 4612 Park Blvd - Relaxed, happy, comfortable, serene. Pure brotherhood.

Saturday, May 4th, 8PM: Skintight/Frosted Benefit at Pistons Bar at 2020 E Artesia Blvd in Long Beach.

Saturday, May 04, 9:30 PM – 1:30 AM: DIRTY PARTY at  Dungeon Servitus, downtown San Diego. Location supplied when you RSVP. Cost: $15.00 Per Guest, Hosted by boy loren.
Dress code: Leather: Rubber: Tattoos: Jock Gear: Uniforms: Skin Gear: Old School & MORE!!
Dress: Leather: Rubber: Tattoos: Jock Gear: Uniforms: Skin Gear: Old School & MORE!
Bring Your Gear!

Saturday, May 4 (first Saturday of each month), 10PM: BearNight Dance @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd.

Tuesday, May 7 (first and third Tuesday of each month), 7PM: Hands-On Demos @ the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. These are utterly safe, relaxed and sociable opportunities to get better-acquainted with the kinky arts.  All are welcome, at all experience-levels.

Wednesday, May 8 (every Wednesday), 7PM: Men's Discussions. Tonight's topic: The Past vs. The Future

Thursday, May 9 (second Thursday of each month), 9PM; Red Hankie Social Night @ the Eagle, @ 3040 N Park Way. Hosted by Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 Eli.

Friday, May 10, 10PM; FETISH FINDS @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd:  Need gear, or looking for more? So many of us have gear that we "outgrew" or don't use anymore. Let's pass it down to those who can make more memories. Come out to our first annual Fetish Rummage Sale during Harness and stay for all the hot men.  Giving Back: The proceeds will go to the Leather Foundation to support our leather community here in SD. Bring anything you're looking to donate and desire to pass down. If you desire to donate before the event feel free to contact MrEagleSD2012 @ See you there!

Friday, May 10 (second Friday of each month), 10PM: Harness Party @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd.  Doug Long is this month's host (that's him on the left - he's at least twelve kinds of adorable!). Expect a LOT of people!

Saturday, May 11, 10am-noon: Single Tail Whip Practice in the Park

Friday, May 17 (third Friday, every other month), 10:30pm: STUD Night @ the Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. Featured guest will be Adam Russo.

Sunday, May 19, 10PM: Long Beach Pride Parade. Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather 2012 will be attending. Aaron thinks it would nice if we could get a group of San Diego folks to head up to LB and show some support. All the folks in LB have been quite supportive of us. If you are interested, please email him at aaronbduke @, and we can arrange a caravan.

Thursday, May 23rd – Monday, May 27th
Nasty Kink Pigs Weekend in Palm Springs

May 24-27: International Mr. Leather 2013 Contest in Chicago. Let's all cheer for our own Kane, who will be competing!

May 29 at 7:30pm until June 2 at 10:30pmFilmOut San Diego's 15th Anniversary LGBT Film Festival, featuring FetishMenSanDiego's special presentation of Interior: Leather Bar.

July 12-14: Wet'n Hot in Palm Springs, CA

Friday, July 19 (third Friday, every other month), 10:30pm: STUD Night @ the Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. Featured guest will be Leo Forte.

Sunday, July 28, 11am to 6pmUp Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco. There will be a group of San Diegans traveling together.

July 31-August 5: Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville, California

Sunday, September 29, 11am to 6pm:  Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

San Diego's own Bryan Teague won American Leatherboy in 2010

October 11-13: American Brotherhood Weekend: A Leather Family Reunion in Chicago. Our own Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron will be running for American Leatherman 2013.

November 7-10Palm Springs Leather Pride

January 17-20: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2014

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