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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review of the DFA Exploratorium, April 20, 2013

A few of the men who participated. Lots more were camera-shy!

I was honored to be asked to demonstrate and teach all levels of flogging with the men of Desert Fetish Authority, our brother club in Palm Springs.  I was so busy teaching flogging, I didn't have a chance to swing by into the separate space where slave nick was teaching Mummification.

It was definitely the best (and longest) flogging class I've ever taught, lasting two intensive hours, with many men eager to learn about being on either end of the flogger. My only regret is that I didn't record the session. I've been flogging for 36 years, so I have learned a few things along the way.

I covered all aspects of flogging during the class:

- Technique
- Philosophy behind being a well-respected and sought-after Top
- Reading the bottom
- Shifting the stimulation styles
- Styles and uses of the various floggers
- Aftercare
- Approval-based vs. Disapproval-based flogging
- Why flogging is so popular, and
- Much much, more.

My brothers from DFA (and the many newbies who showed up with keen expectation in their hearts) were attentive, participative, and had many questions.  I "signed off" at least eight new Flogging Tops, who now know how to gain more practice, and to shop for the right kind of Beginner-level flogger. My hope is that they take what they have learned so well and APPLY it, often, and become massively popular in their community.

Here was the publicity posted before the event, originally posted here:

Introducing a brand-new series from the DFA!

Kink Exploratoriums are your chance to learn new BDSM skills from experienced players in a casual, instructional and fun setting.

In each session, you’ll learn not only what to do, but why we do it and how doing it well matters. Most sessions will be hands-on in nature so that you can both practice and experience the skill being taught. Most events will be open to all comers, but sometimes there will be attendance limits to optimize the learning environment.

We’re excited to partner with the Desert Center for Sexuality Awareness, which is providing us its great meeting and instructional space. Their mission is Promoting Sexual Health and Happiness for All—something we’re really glad to support! The Center is located at 71-777 San Jacinto Drive, Suite 204, in Rancho Mirage. It’s right next door to Planned Parenthood and just west of The River.

Gear up in something street legal or feel free to change after you arrive. An apartment complex overlooks part of the parking lot, so if you choose to wear a jock or chaps please keep your ass covered till you get inside.

Exploratoriums are a chance to learn and grow with other gear guys, but they’re not sex parties. We’ll have refreshments available, but no alcohol. If you’d like to grab a beer, join us afterwards at The Barracks for some post-event social time.

Please bring a couple bucks to express our appreciation to The Sexuality Center. Although they’re offering us the space and a host for free, it’s only fair to leave a little something to help support their work.

For April, we’ve got a double-header on the books. Papa Tony (from our brother club FetishMenSanDiego) will be demonstrating and explaining flogging. And Nick, from our own club, will demonstrate mummification with cling wrap and duct tape!

If you’ve got a flogger, bring it and enhance your skills. If you’d like to learn, Papa Tony will have some floggers that you can try out.

For the mummification demonstration, Nick needs a volunteer to be mummified and two other men to help him with the wrapping. Be prepared to strip naked if you’d like to try being wrapped up.

We’ll have three massage tables and a blow-up mattress available, so there will be room for three other mummification teams in addition to Nick’s. If you’d like to participate, bring a bottom and your own two helpers, plus a roll each of plastic wrap and duct tape, an eye mask, three small towels, and any implements that you might like to use to keep your subject amused (tit clamps, CBT stuff, etc.). Got safety scissors? Those are nice too!

Don’t have a team to bring? We’ll have enough supplies on hand to put a couple of small groups together on the spot.

Join us Saturday, April 20 from 9-11 pm for a night of gear, learning, brotherhood and fun!

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