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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For NON-San Diegans: An Invitation

Out of the many, many folks who get this newsletter, a good number of you don't live in the central San Diego area. 

The FMSD reader-base is now so big and so wide-spread that I believe that we can do an exciting new experiment:

If you don't live in the central San Diego area, send me your name, email and your zip code:

papatony @

I probably should ask for your city and state, too - In case I get swamped by the numbers. I will collate the data, spot the patterns, and then locate the guys who live close to each other. 

Then, I'll start getting you connected. 


Because people who get added to the list, and then STAY, have an enormous amount of good things in common. My writings tend to attract "Sweeties" - men who WANT to be nice, cooperative and affectionate, and have it always turn out well. 

I can't think of anything nicer than to have my friends get to know each other. FMSD is all about investing in true friendships that will last for the rest of our lives. If you hunger for that sort of thing in YOUR area, then let's get this party started!

Be sure to tell me if you are part of one of the new affinity-groups that are similar to FMSD.  Or, if you'd like to be a part of one in your area. 

FMSD started small, not so long ago. What if like-minded men in your area get together, and a fresh, modern, clean-sheet-of-paper, new-paradigm group takes off like a rocket-ship?

The movement to connect with each other on a meaningful, substantive level is accelerating. Let's turn up the heat!

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