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Friday, March 1, 2013

Gear Invasion of Mo's Universe

Please join Mr San Diego Leather 2012 - Aaron Duke for a Gear Invasion of Mo's Universe:

Saturday, March 9th.

The night begins at 7pm at Baja Betty's. Then it is off to Hillcrest Brewing Company from 8-9pm and Gossip Grille from 9-10. The last stop is Mo's from 10-midnight. The staff will be providing shuttle service to Mo's. In addition, they are encouraging their staff to gear up and support us that night. We are working on having drink and shot specials for each venue.

This is our opportunity to share with the greater LGBT community what we are like when we are at our best. Therefore, we can break through stereotypes they may have before engaging us. Here is an opportunity for us to break out of our usual hang outs. 

Finally, this is for our brother, James who is serving in Afghanastan. Before he left for his deployment, we had a gear dinner for him. He encouraged us to become more visible in the LGBT community and not just isolate within our own affinity groups and environments. As his brother, I am honoring this request. Please come out and support this event and our brother, James who can't enjoy it with us. 

We encourage you all to gear up as a visual identifier and symbol of our community. Whatever gear that you choose to express your fetish. Please remember, these are restaurants and places of business. Use good taste and adhere to the San Diego Vice Laws. 

Aaron Duke
Mr San Diego Leather 2012

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  1. I have a very specific favor to ask of you all for while you are at Mo's on this night. This bar is very dear to my heart seeing as it was the first gay bar I ever visited and have been visiting since 1998.

    For those of you that enjoy dancing, it is Country night that night. There will be line dancing and two-stepping happening. Not all of the dances are done to country music, though most are. Please understand that a lot of time and effort go into learning those dances. I ask that if you want to join in the dancing and aren't familiar with the steps, please stay off to the sides for the line dances or to the middle for 2-stepping and such. And PLEASE don't take any drinks on the dance floor! Trying to slide through water in cowboy boots is NOT a pleasant experience!

    Thank you!!